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Hong Kong & International Trains from China

The international trains refer to the cross-border trains from Beijing to Ulan Bator or Moscow, Beijing to Gia Lam (Hanoi), Beijing to Pyongyang and Guangzhou (Guangzhou East) to Hong Kong (Hung Hom). These trains are not daily operated. Plan your trip with timetable below.

How to buy China International train tickets

China Rail do not allow online booking (e-ticket) for international trains. Tickets (paper ticket) can only be purchased at departure or arrival station. You can purchase on your own or through ETripChina to make advance booking.

What document required?

Copy of your passport and visa for the arrival country. It means Russia visa is needed when booking tickets from Beijing to Moscow.

When to make booking?

International tickets are scheduled to release 15-30 days before departure. We suggest you plan and pay as early, then we can purchase when it is put on sale.

How to get tickets

ETripChina will issue tickets at daytime hours after payment and deliver tickets to your hotel in China by the best express company. If less than 5 days, we can deliver to your hotel in person with some extra service fee.

International Trains from and to China

Beijing - Gia Lam(Hanoi)

Nanning - Gia Lam(Hanoi)

Beijing - Ulan Bator

Beijing - MoscowBeijing - Pyongyang

Beijing - Dzamyn Ude

Trains Between Hong Kong and Mailand China

Hong Kong(Hung Hom) - Guangzhou East

West Kowloon(Hong Kong)- Guangzhou South

West Kowloon(Hong Kong)- Shenzhen North

West Kowloon(Hong Kong)- Shanghai Hongqiao

West Kowloon(Hong Kong)- Guilin West

West Kowloon(Hong Kong)- Beijing West

West Kowloon(Hong Kong)- Xiamen

West Kowloon(Hong Kong)- Wuhan

West Kowloon(Hong Kong)- Kunming South

West Kowloon(Hong Kong)- Hangzhou East

International Train Schedules

Train No.Dep.Arr.Dep. Time
K19BeijingMoscowEach Saturday
K23BeijingUlan BatorEach Tuesday & Saturday
K27BeijingPyongyangEach Monday & Thursday
K3BeijingMoscowEach Wednesday
K3BeijingUlan BatorEach Wednesday
Z5BeijingGia Lam(Hanoi)Each Thursday & Sunday
T8701NanningGia Lam(Hanoi)Everyday
T8702Gia Lam(Hanoi)NanningEveryday

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