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How to board and disembark a China Train

This article is dedicated to help you better understand the e-ticket of China trains, how to get onboard and disembark without any paper tickets in hand. 


Document acceptable.

All valid travel documents are acceptable for train booking that commonly include passport, ID card for Mainland Chinese, China Return Card for passengers from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card. Note the two rules:

l  It must be valid at least 6 months on the date you exit China.

l  Travel document should be the same that you used for train booking.


Read e-ticket information of your train.

When your ticket(s) is successfully issued, you will get e-ticket information, tips to board, cancellation, and change policy from ETripChina. It is essential to keep your train number, departing time, carriage, seat, check in gate, and departure, arrival station location.


Train No: G7571 from Shanghai HongQiao, 上海虹桥 (16:11) to Wenling, 温岭 (19:32)
Ticket Class: First Class Seat
Travel Date: 05/10/2023 (10-May-2023)
Passenger Number: 1
Confirmed Seat: EBW0839112, car 07, 05A ; check-in gate: 21B
Departure Station: Shanghai HongQiao Railway Station(上海虹桥站) - Shenhong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai上海闵行区申虹路
Arrival Station: Wenling Railway Station(温岭站) - No 1 Zhanqian Road, Liao Village, Daxi Town, Wenling温岭市大溪镇利岙村站前路1号 


Prepare for train travel.

1.     Double check information including travel date, train number, and personal details.

2.     Pack up valid documents that you used for booking. It is also the “pass” to check in and board the train since China Rail stepped into e-ticket era in 2019.

3.     Make sure no prohibited items in the pack up that including but not limited to the explosive devises, dangerous items, poisons, and flammable liquids.

4.     Get to know the location of your departure and arrival station.

5.     Book train station transfer, especially for early departure, late arrival, or travel with kids. Check transfer list or send your request to  


Check in and get onboard the train.


1. China Rail has adopted e-ticket system nationwide.  Passengers holding all types of documents can travel with e-ticket cross  the country.  

2. Check in procedures:

A. Check into the entrance with passport (or other valid document used for booking) and go through the luggage check in (行李检查), then you will be in a larger hall with electric board guiding you to the correct waiting room (for small stations, that would be right the waiting hall).

B: Read the electronic board. It shows train number(车次), Departure time(开点), platform(站台), ground signs(地标颜色) (blue蓝色, yellow黄色, green绿色, purple紫色), and status (状态).
The ground signs tell you the exact point to board the coach of your train. For example, G7555, platform 4, ground sign is blue, and your coach is Number 4. Then when you get onto platform no.4, look for blue ground sign marked coach 4(4 车). And you will find train G7555 stop and open the door of coach 4 right in front you.

Board the train: pay attention to the electronic board and announcement. Boarding usually starts 15-20 minutes prior to departure. Passport holders can use self-service check-in machine at most of the stations and go through manual channel at some smaller stations currently.


Enjoy your ride.

Enjoy a relax journey after putting your luggage safely on the rack or space beside you.

All high-speed trains are new, spacious, stable, seats can be reclined to your comfortable position and always keep you in the direction as the train running.


Tips: You have the right to sit on your own seat which is assigned at booking. However, you can also change with others if agreed or give the convenience to others.


Get off and exit.

High speed trains are very punctual and only stopover for 2-5 minutes at each station.  Set a clock and pay attention to the announcement to make sure you get off at the right station. Be ready to disembark from the train as quickly and safely as you can.

Ground Transfer

City transport is generally convenient whether the station is in the downtown area or outskirt of the city. Taxis are quite easy to find in front of the exit, however, almost drivers can't speak English, and neither read. Be sure you bring printed relevant phrases and your destination in Chinese to show them.

To secure a hassle-free ground transfer, please visit our transfer service center. Classic day trips and city packages are also carefully designed in all accessible China cities.


Useful phrases both in English and Chinese

请送我到这个火车站. Please take me to this train station.
请问火车站售票处在哪里? Please, where is the ticket office?
请问在哪个窗口办理改签/退票? May I ask which window is for change and cancellation?
请问洗手间在哪里? Where is the bathroom, please?
请问我应该去哪个候车室? May I ask which waiting room I should go?
麻烦提醒我在这个站下车。 Please remind me to get off at this station.

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