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Train Trip from Beijing to Lhasa

Beijing-Lhasa train operates daily, but it is very hard to book tickets due to a high demand. It is usually sold out in few minutes after its opening for booking.

Beijing West
12:30 +2
40h30mSoft Sleeper          $187
Hard Sleeper        $11
Hard Seat                 $55

Schedule details:

1Beijing West 北京西-20:000min
2Shijiazhuang North石家庄北22:3322:374min
5Lanzhou 兰州12:1712:3316min
6Xining 西宁15:0015:2020min
7Delingha 德令哈19:2219:242min
8Golmud 格尔木22:1522:4025min
9Naqu 那曲08:0408:106min
10Lhasa 拉萨12:3012:300min

Lama in Lhasa Gandan Monastery

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