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ETripChina Train Ticket Service

We have commitment to offer you the real-time pricing and availability from China Rail for all domestic trains and schedule of cross-border trains, creating one stop to plan and book your China rail trip. Use the above user-friendly searching box, you can check train tickets for any two linked destinations, then finish booking within 3 steps. Our train experts will reply promptly and are willing to provide extra services like tour suggestions. Call us for any urgent matters through our emergency line answered by English-speaking staff 24/7 hours.

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How to buy tickets

Input your destinations in searching box, follow the instructions to finish booking and make instant payment online. ETripChina will reply soon with booking details or alternative plan if needed.

E-ticket or Paper ticket

You can require either e-ticket or paper ticket. Both can guarantee your seats. E-Ticket allows ETripChina to change or cancel on behalf, but requires to change to paper ticket before checking in; Paper ticket can be delivered to your address and avoid queuing at train station, but requires to change or cancel by ticket holder with your original passport.

When will I get my ticket after payment

Almost of the trains (unless specific by China Rail) allows to issue e-ticket 60 days and paper tickets 58 days prior to departure time. ETripChina will issue soon after for e-ticket during 8:00am to 22:00pm and paper ticket during 9:00am to 17:30pm.

Book trains departing wihin 24 hours

We book promptly after your payment or later than 8:00am the next morning, because China Rail booking system closes from 23:00pm to 7:00am the next day. Keep your email and phone provided accessible.

Promised Refund

ETripChina refund fully if train tickets not available or cancellation made from China Rail; Partial refund (80 to 95% of ticket rate) if cancellation or change made from your side 2 hours before departure.

China Top Train Trips Popular routes

Give thanks to the engineers who built railways across China, their hard work has translated into some of the world's fastest, most comfortable and scenic journeys. Here are the best of China's train routes. Every rail buff needs to experience one of these 20 train trips. ETripChina travel advisors give you detailed train travel plan from their own experiences and provide extra services including tour suggestions, ground transfer and accommodation ideas.

How to Choose a Train and Seat

China’s rail network serves almost every town and city including over 19,000 kilometers of high-speed rail lines reaching nearly 550 train stations (by early 2016). It becomes true to have a budget, comfortable, fast and interesting train travel to almost your dreamed destinations in China. Here are some tips from our train experts and previous customers.

To guarantee a comfortable and fast train ride, high-speed trains are your top options. Those trains named after G, D or C, are high-speed trains traveling at speed of 200-350km/h and mainly operating at daytime maximum to 13 hours. They have almost the same facilities onboard and type of class including Business, VIP, First and Second Class. Few overnight D trains between Beijing and Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou/Shenzhen offering soft sleeper.

The cost of seats and facilities differ a lot from each other. Business cost triple as second class, but all worth if you are planning a luxury trip as business class seats featuring two-meter space between rows, comfortable seats can be fully reclined to slightly angled position, more viewing options, power ports, premium food and more cabin staff. Firs class cost 1.7 times as second class, which looks like the first class seats on flights. Planning valuable and comfortable train travel, do consider second class which is also nice with acceptable seat space, power ports and the same clean environment.

If prefer slow pace, and not picky, you can choose normal trains named after Z, T and K. They are old type trains mainly serving long-distance for overnight trains offering almost the same facilities onboard, but differentiate from the stopping places and time of journey. These trains offer seats from Luxury Soft sleeper to soft sleeper, hard sleeper, soft seat and hard seat. For daytime trip within 8 hours, seat options is acceptable. If over 8 hours or overnight train, we recommend at least the basic hard sleepers.