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Fuzhou(Fujian) Railway Station

General Information

Station: FuZhou(Fujian) Railway Station

Station(CN): 福州

Address: No.502, Hualin Road, Jin'an District, Fuzhou, Fujian

Address(CN): 福建省福州市晋安区华林路502号


Constructed in 1958, FuZhou(Fujian) Railway Station is the oldest station in Fuzhou, capital city of Fujian province. It is also one of the top ten regional transport hubs in China located at the intersection of Hengfeng-Fuzhou Railway, Hangzhou-Shenzhen Railway, Nanchang-Fuzhou Railway and Hefei-Fuzhou High-speed Railway. The recent renovation was taken in 2019 and the e-ticket system was introduced by then. The station constructed area was also expanded to 26,000 square meters with maximum capacity of 7,000 passengers at busy hour.


Travel Tips

1.  The Station has more than 30 self-service ticket machines to meet the requires of ticket collection and purchase of walk-in customers.

2.  A 15-minute Emergency Passage is available at each entry point for late arrivals to catch up the train.

3.  Since August 2020, public bus stations are available both in North Square and South Square of Fuzhou Railway Station.

4.  If looking for a transit from Fuzhou Railway Station to Fuzhou South Railway Station, take metro line 1. The departure station is right at south square.

5.  Passengers can get help from “Wangwei Services Desk” for connecting 120 for first aid /medical care, 110 for all emergency, flight booking, bus ticket reservation etc.

6.  Fuzhou Railway Station has two inner-connected buildings. The ticket office, VIP room, passenger service Center are mainly in the north square.



Popular Train Routes from FuZhou(Fujian). 

As an excellent tourist city, Fuzhou is known for its picturesque mountains, coastal views and historical relics. The railway transport connects Fuzhou conveniently with some popular cities like Shanghai, Nanjing, Hefei, Nanchang, Chengdu, Xiamen, Zhengzhou, Beijing, Qingdao, Huangshan, Xian, Luoyang, Xuzhou, Jinan, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and so on.


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