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Shanghai Railway Station

General Information

Station: Shanghai Railway Station

Station(CN): 上海Address: Moling Road, Zhabei District of Shanghai

Address(CN): 上海市闸北区秣陵路

Shanghai Railway Station (simply "Shanghai Station" or "Xingke Station"), is located at 303, Moling Road, Jing`an District, Shanghai. It is one of important railway stations in China. Second to the Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Stations, it forms Shanghai transport hub together with Hongqiao Station and Shanghai South Station.

It serves as arrival and departure station for many D and G trains running on Hefei, Nanjing direction, and cross-border train to Kowloon, Hong Kong. Different from other train stations, China custom set up office in the station to cater for passengers taking cross-border train.

Travel Tips

Shanghai Station has two front squares in the north and south separately. Public bus and taxis stop at both north plaza and south square; long-distance bus stop at north plaza; Metro line 1, line 2, line 3, line 4 passing by and stop at Shanghai Station, and exit for line 3 and 4 is at the north square; exit for Line 1 is at south square.

The main waiting hall is located on 2F, and 5 waiting rooms are distributed in each side of central corridor. Waiting room for travel groups, soft sleeper passengers and custom office is at the first floor connected by a passage to check-in hall. Pay attention to the LED screen providing train details and check in status.

Waiting room No.7 has help center for elderly, children and disabled people offering stretchers, IV stands. Passengers here enjoy guidance and priority to board train.

Joint Ticket Hall offer 24-hour service, but only few ticket windows available after 11:00pm.

How to Get to Shanghai Station

Bus Connection

Buses available at North Square: Bus No.106, 115, 117, 305, 306, 310, 817, 823, 912, 929, 942, 942, 962 and Xinchuan Line (新川专线)

Buses available at North Square: Tunnel Line 3(隧道三线), Bus No.108, 109, 113, 301, 302, 315, 322, 324, 329, .802, 837, 927, 930, 941, 95, 95路区间, Shenchuan Line (申川专线), Night bus No.64 (隧道夜宵线)

Subway Line

Metro Line 1 in This Station`s Operation Time

Going to Xinzhuang

Going to Fujin Road


First Train

Last Train

First Train

Last Train

Shanghai Railway Station






Metro Line 3 in This Station`s Operation Time

Toward Jianyang Notrh Road

Toward Shanghai South Station


First Train

Last Train

First Train

Last Train

shanghai Station






Metro Line 4 in This Station`s Operation Time

Going to Shanghai Gym

Going to Yishan Road


First Train

Last Train

First Train

Last Train

Shanghai Train Station






Airport Shuttle Buses

Operating route of Pudong Airport shuttle bus No 5

Shanghai Pudong Airport T1(6:30-23:00) - Shanghai Pudong Airport T2(6:35-23:02) - Longyang Rd Subway Station - Century Avenue, Pudong Southeast Road(downward closed) - Yang`an East Road, Zhejiang Road (downgoing line: People`s Square) (Upgoing Line: Hong Changxing Gate) - Shanghai Station (5:10-21:30).

Shuttle buses stop at the Friendship Sweater Market, Lingmo Road, adjacent to the South Square of Shanghai Station, near McDonald1`s Restaurant. It takes only 2 minutes from the southeast exit or southwest exit, through the South Square and cross Zimo road.

Buses available every 20-30 minutes
Fare: CNY 2-22
Hotline: 021-68346830

Taxi Service

Reference information for taking taxi from Shanghai Station to the following places:

To Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station CNY60, 50 minutes, 17km.
To Shanghai Pudong Airport, 48km, CNY 180, 1hour 40minutes.
To Shanghai South Station: 14km, 50minutes, CNY 50.
To People`s Square: 4km, 15minutes, CNY 20



Popular Train Routes from Shanghai Railway Station.

D trains going to Beijing (overnight train); D trains going to nearby cities including Suzhou, Hefei, Nanjing; K, T, Z and numbers trains going to cities all over China. View a full list of trains departing from Shanghai Railway Station.

Shanghai - Nanjing

Shanghai - Beijing

Shanghai - Suzhou

Shanghai - Chengdu

Shanghai - Tianjin

Shanghai - Guangzhou

Shanghai - Xian

Shanghai - Jinan

Shanghai - Ningbo

Shanghai - Shenzhen

Shanghai - Xiamen

Shanghai - Nanchang

Shanghai - Hangzhou

Shanghai - Zhengzhou

Shanghai - Qingdao

Shanghai - Hefei

Shanghai - Wuxi

Shanghai - Xuzhou

Shanghai - Wuhan

Shanghai - Changzhou

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