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Datong Railway Station

General Information

Station: Datong Railway Station

Station(CN): 大同

Address: No.4 Zhanqian Road, Pingcheng Dist., Datong City

Address(CN): 大同市平城区站前街 4 号


Built in 1914, Datong Railway Station is an important stop on China’s earliest train route, Beijing-Baotou railway which connects Beijing, Tianjin, and cities in Hebei, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia provinces. The station is also part of the international train routes from Beijing to Ulan Baatar in Mongol and Moscow in Russia. It has made great contribution to communication of different regions and coal transportation. The station has undergone several renovations and serves the slow trains running between central and northwest of China (the high-speed trains arrive at Datong South Railway Station).


Travel Tips


1. Datong Railway Station building is a 9-floor structure. The three lower levels of the buildings include ticket offices, waiting rooms, departure hall, as well as lactation room, first class seat lounge for passengers who book soft sleepers.

2. In the latest renovation in 2019, the station has upgraded its check in system, self-service ticket machine, smart toilet system.

3. Many public buses stop at the station including Bus No.4, 15, 30, 42, 70, 601, No.1.


Popular Train Routes from Datong. 

Datong Railway Station is equipped with 7 platforms and 48 tracks. It serves as the transit center for slow trains from the central China to the west and northwest China. Popular train routes Datong - Beijing, Datong - Baotou, Beijing - Yinchuan, Datong – Hohhot.

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