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Haikou East Railway Station

General Information

Station: Haikou East Railway Station / Haikou Dong Station
海口东Address: Junction of Fengxiang Road Yingbin Boulevard and Longkun South Road, Haikou, Hainan
海南省海口市迎宾     大道凤翔路与龙昆南路交界处海口火车东公交站

Haikou East Railway Station is the hub of high-speed rail line in Hainan province. It mainly serve fast trains on the railway circling Hainan Islands and calling on Haikou airport, Sanya, Wanning, etc.


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Popular Train Routes

Over 150 trains depart Haikou East Railway Station per day. Here is a list of some popular train routes from Haikou East Station. Check full list of trains departing from Haikou East Railway Station. 


Haikou East - Sanya

Haikou East - Lingshui

Haikou East - Qionghai

Haikou East - Meilan

Haikou East - Wanning

Haikou East - Yalongwan

Haikou East - Wenchang

Haikou East - Haikou

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