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Group Bookings - China Trains Tickets

Follow the steps to make train booking for over 8 person and enjoy great benefits.


How to make group booking for China train tickets?

1.     Input destination in searching box to check availability.

2.     Choose train, ticket type and input required information.

3.     Submit and forward personal information of all members (or passport copies) to

4.     ETripChina reply with discount rate (discount on service fee).

5.     Pay and get ticket (e-ticket or paper ticket) as requested.

Kind notes:

1.     How to choose train: It is advisable to choose the one offering tickets far more than your group needs to guarantee neighboring seats.

2.     Paper ticket or e-ticket: Paper tickets are usually better for groups as we can deliver to your hotel and avoid queue at station. But if you will travel during holiday time, e-ticket is better which is allowed to book 30 days prior to departure time (2 days earlier than paper ticket).

3.     Change or cancellation: it applies the same cancellation policy given by China Rail. If cancellation for parts of the members occur, we will do it accordingly and will not affect the trip for others.

Customer support:

You can always reach us via email at

WeChat ID: ETripChina or emergency number given in each email.

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