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Shanghai HongQiao Railway Station

General Information

Station: Shanghai HongQiao Railway Station

Station(CN): 上海虹桥

Address: Shenhong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

Address(CN): 上海闵行区申虹路

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is located at the west of Shanghai, near the terminal 2 of Hongqiao International Airport. It is a major part of Shanghai’s comprehensive transportation and a super railway station in Asia. This newly built station serves for G and D trains only.


Location Map


Travel Tips

The station is well-designed and offers high standard services like airport. Guiding signs are clear and are written both in Chinese and English.

Shanghai Hongqiao Station is quite large. It is suggested to arrive at least 40 minutes earlier.

Shanghai Hongqiao Station is not in the city center, but well connected by subway line 2 (Pudong Airport), 10 (city center) and 17 (Zhujiajiao Water Town). The last train is always at 22:30. It is advisable to book private transfer if you arrive early, late or for airport transit. We offer low price transfer service per vehicle basis. Check on Shanghai transfer service pages.

The station has two exits. Be sure to take the right direction when you booked pick up service.

No paper ticket needed since China train travel enter e-ticket era in early 2020.

Shanghai has three train stations. The other two are Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai South Railway Station. Both Shanghai Station and Hongqiao Station serve for G and D trains. Choose carefully according to your destination and be sure to arrive at the right one.


Popular Train Routes from Shanghai Hongqiao

Shanghai is the transport hub in the east of China. The railway network connects Shanghai with almost of the major cities in China. Here is a list of some of the most popular routes from Shanghai Hongqiao Station. See a full list of trains departing from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.


Shanghai   Hongqiao - Suzhou

Shanghai   Hongqiao - Hangzhou

Shanghai   Hongqiao - Nanjing

Shanghai   Hongqiao - Changzhou

Shanghai   Hongqiao - Hefei

Shanghai   Hongqiao - Wuhan

Shanghai   Hongqiao - Hankou

Shanghai   Hongqiao - Zhenjiang

Shanghai   Hongqiao - Beijing South

Shanghai   Hongqiao - Xiamen North

Shanghai   Hongqiao - Yiwu

Shanghai   Hongqiao - Xuzhou

Shanghai   Hongqiao - Suzhou Yuanqu

Shanghai   Hongqiao - Wuxi

Shanghai   Hongqiao - Wuchang

Shanghai   Hongqiao - Beijing

Shanghai   Hongqiao - Nanjing South

Shanghai   Hongqiao - Fuzhou

Shanghai   Hongqiao - Hangzhou

Shanghai   Hongqiao - Ningbo

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