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Hong Kong to Guilin Transport

TingTing Hong Kong Travel Guide 2023-03-03

For expats in Hong Kong, Guilin is a great gate way for short excursions with its typical karst landscapes, crystal clear water and quiet villages. And it is always the first travel stop for overseas travelers when entering China from Hong Kong. How to travel from Hong Kong to Guilin? Here we summarize you all the possible ways to get from Hong Kong to Guilin and make the comparison for you from price, time, and convenience.  

How to travel from Hong Kong to Guilin

Guilin is 512 kilometers north of Hong Kong. Transport options includes flight, train, bus, and private transfer. Travel time and cost vary a lot.

Hong Kong to Guilin Transport Map

Travel from Hong Kong to Guilin by direct trains

Since Sep 23rd, 2018, the high-speed rail between Hong Kong and Guilin was put into service. Two direct bullet trains are operated daily departing from West Kowloon Railway Station (香港九龙站) and arrives at Guilin West Railway Station (桂林西站). Train journey is only around 3.5 hours at cost of CNY379(2nd class), CNY607(1st class), CNY 1138(Superior Class). Bullet Train journey is apparently the cheapest, most convenient way to get to Guilin.

Hong Kong Guilin Direct train timetable

Train No





West Kowloon 14:53

Guilin West 18:07

03h14 mins


West Kowloon 12:05

Guilin West 15:25


Please note that train schedule and price may vary according to China Rail arrangements. Check our train ticket booking page for latest information and get your ticket ready in advance.

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Hong to Guilin via Shenzhen or Guangzhou (bullet trains)

When there is a huge demand of the tickets during public holidays, weekends, and summer vacation, it is hard to get a ticket of the direct bullet trains from Hong Kong to Guilin. Connecting options at Shenzhen or Guangzhou are good alternatives.


There are plenty of train options between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Guangzhou. And they offer many connections to Guilin and very easy transit procedures in the stations as well. Then you can plan your route as:  
1. Hong Kong (West Kowloon Station 西九龙站) – Shenzhen (Shenzhen North Railway Station 深圳北站) – Guilin (Guilin North Railway Station 桂林北站 or Guilin Railway Station 桂林站)

2. Hong Kong (West Kowloon Station 西九龙站) – Guangzhou (Guangzhou South Railway Station 广州南站) – Guilin (Guilin North Railway Station 桂林北站 or Guilin Railway Station 桂林站)


When choosing the connecting option, many of our former customers would prefer a private transfer from Hong Kong to Shenzhen North.


Hong Kong to Guilin by flight

There are direct flights from Hong Kong International Airport to Guilin Liangjiang International Airport, which takes around 2 hours. Airlines such as Cathay Dragon, China Southern, and Hong Kong Airlines operate regular flights between the two cities. Full price for economic price is around CNY 1800.


Hong Kong to Guilin by bus

There are no direct buses from Hong Kong to Guilin, but there are connecting options from Shenzhen to Guilin. Move your way from Hong Kong to Shenzhen by metro or train.


Hong Kong to Guilin by private transfer

The road journey takes about 10-12 hours. It is undoubtedly the most expensive way for independent travelers, but a good choice for groups. You will enjoy door to door pick up and no hassles like going up and down the stairs with luggage pieces.


Travel Tips

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China. Many of the countries enjoy visa-free trip to Hong Kong. But when you travel from Hong Kong to Guilin (a city of mainland China), China visa is required for most of the countries. It is advisable to prepare for it at Chinese embassy in your country.

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