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Plan a Train Travel in China

It is easy to travel China by train as the world's biggest rail network serves almost every town and city (See a map of China train lines).The high-speed railway by far has reached more than 10,000 km in a breathtaking development in the last five years. It is also a unique experience to travel by China trains particularly bullet trains and Tibet trains.



Beijing - Xian - Shanghai

Beijing, Xian and Shanghai are the most visited cities in China. With so many historical ruins, cultural relics and new landmarks, these cities best represents of past and modern China. Though well connected by flights, train travel to these cities are still a big draw for most of tourists with only few hours onboard, easy access to the train stations, and comfortable onboard facilities and standardized services.

Beijing - Datong - Pingyao - Xian

It is a truly Chinese culture discovery route from Beijing, to Xian via Datong and Pingyao city. All these cities were important in Chinese history and the many of the cultural relics recall you to its former glory.

Beijing - Chongqing - Yangtze Cruise - Yichang - Shanghai

It is one of the most popular routes in China combing profound history, various culture and gorgeous scenery. Since the opening of Beijing- Chongqing high-speed rail in May, 2016, trip to Beijing, Yangtze and Shanghai is perfect with comfortable trains and luxury cruise ships.

Shanghai - Suzhou - Nanjing - Huangshan - Hangzhou

This train ride showcases you the modern Shanghai city and its neighborhoods – Suzhou, Nanjing, Huangshan and Hangzhou, which are all widely known and easy accessible by train. The classic gardens and canals, beautiful West Lake and Yellow Mountain, unique water villages are great reward for a short 10 days trip.

Xian - Lanzhou - Zhangye - Jiayuguan - Dunhuang - Turpan - Urumqi

This trip follows the footprints of Silk Road – once was an ancient international trade route, as well as a significant cultural bridge linking China to central Asia, Europe, Arab and the horn of Africa. The opening of high-speed way from Lanzhou to Urumqi, making this route one of the most attractive train ride in China with numerous cultural sites, religious traditions, exotic customs and beautiful landscape.

Guilin - Sanjiang - Zhaoxing - Guiyang - Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Shangri-la

Guilin, Zhaoxing, Guiyang, Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and Shangri-la are all famous tourist destinations in southwest of China. These picturesque places offer abundant natural and cultural scenic spots and home to many minority ethnic groups. Take a train ride winding through the mountains to enjoy view of karst limestone terrain and terraced rice fields. Step into the villages and discover the rich, distinctive folk customs and cultures of the different minority groups.

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