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Shougang Industrial Park

Mia Beijing Travel Guide 2023-07-01

Introduction of Industrial Park Shougang

Name in Chinese: 首钢园

Location: No. 68, Shijingshan Street, Shijingshan District, approximately 18 kilometers west of Tiananmen Square.石景山区-石景山路68号

Ticket:Admission is free, but reservations are necessary.

Opening:Monday to Sunday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Recommended duration for the visit: 3 hours to 1 day.


Every city possesses its own unique landscape, and abandoned industrial sites form a distinctive part of that landscape. They represent a search for the city's history amidst the ruins.


Shougang Group, a century-old steel conglomerate, is situated along the banks of the Yongding River in western Beijing. At its peak, the group boasted a workforce of 200,000 employees.


Following Beijing's successful bid for the Olympic Games, efforts were made to enhance the city's overall ecological environment. By the end of 2010, Shougang Park ceased all production activities. Over a five-year period, the group's 100,000 employees relocated the steel industry to Hebei Province. Consequently, the western region of Beijing underwent a transformation into a vast expanse of urban ruins. Once bustling with the daily roar and operation of machinery, to the extent that face-to-face conversations required shouting, the area now houses only silent machines and dust-covered, empty buildings, evoking the image of a "ghost town."


The former Shougang industrial complex is gradually being transformed into a cultural theme park that highlights the rich cultural heritage of the steel industry.


Upon entering Shougang Park, visitors will be immersed in the distinctive atmosphere of the industry, with towering blast furnaces, converters, cooling towers, gas tanks, coke ovens, conveyor belts, and pipelines. These industrial elements provide exceptional backdrops for photography enthusiasts, invoking memories of a passionate era.



The iconic points of Shougang Industrial Park

Lake Xiu, originally constructed in 1940 to store water for steel production at Shougang, adds to the park's charm. The lake's surface reflects the factory buildings, creating a captivating fusion with the surrounding vegetation and flowers, and enhancing the overall enchanting atmosphere.

The striking attraction behind Lake Xiu is the Three Blast Furnaces. This area is a must-visit in Shougang Park, serving as the park's most notable exhibition and display center. It is Shougang's pioneering modern blast furnace, with a capacity surpassing 2,500 cubic meters, showcasing its unique features.


The hot blast stove nearby is an excellent subject for photography. Its complex architecture and interwoven components have attracted the interest of numerous online photographers. Whether captured during daytime or nighttime, it offers a unique and captivating beauty.


The Starbucks in Shougang Park, situated opposite the Three Blast Furnaces, is a unique store in Beijing. It offers visitors a place to rest and enjoy a coffee break. The adjacent yellow staircase has been a beloved spot for photography enthusiasts, capturing memorable moments.


If you keep heading south on Qunming Lake Avenue, you'll come across another lake called Qunming Lake within the park. This lake is linked to a small park located at its center, which includes various structures like a paifang (ornamental archway), covered walkways, a long corridor, a viewing pavilion, and a stone arch bridge. Across the lake, you'll be able to admire the distant sight of four cooling towers.


Located on the western shore of Qunming Lake, towards the southeast of the cooling towers, stands a contemporary and visually appealing building. This structure is none other than the Shougang Ski Jumping Platform, which serves as one of the competition venues for the Beijing Winter Olympics. Additionally, it will hold the distinction of being the world's first permanent and fully functional snowboard ski jumping facility, even after the conclusion of the games.


The Shougang Skywalk, also referred to as the Highline Park, stretches for about 10 kilometers, making it the longest aerial corridor in the world. It is an elevated walkway that has been repurposed from an old industrial pipeline, seamlessly linking the scenic landscapes of the northern area. It has been transformed into a high-altitude public space that offers a unique blend of leisurely transportation, picturesque views, and opportunities for fitness and entertainment.


Nestled within the Shougang Park area lies a hidden gem of profound historical significance and abundant ancient sites known as Shijingshan, often revered as the "Enchanted Mountain.". The mountain preserves over 50 cultural heritage sites, including the Jin'e Temple from the Jin and Tang dynasties, the Bixia Goddess Temple from the Ming dynasty, and numerous rock inscriptions. Following the road to the mountaintop, you'll reach the Gongbei Pavilion, from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire park, with sweeping vistas of the three blast furnaces, Lake Xiu, Lake Qunming, and other industrial landscapes.


Shougang Park also features numerous small designs and pleasant surprises, all waiting for you to explore and discover. If you are interested in a guided tour of Shougang Park or ticket booking, please submit your inquiry below.

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