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Map of China Top Destinations

China Top Destinations

China is one of the most geographic, ethnically and culturally diverse countries in the world. Within the huge land, there are spectacular coastlines, grand mountains, spacious grasslands, vast deserts, beautiful forests and river; 56 ethnic people live harmony and share their unique culture and languages – Tibetan Buddhism, Islam Mosques, Drum Towers, Batik Fabric, Naxi Music, etc; A long lists of world heritage sites and well-known Chinese Kung Fu, Chinese cuisine, which are so exciting things to explore in China. With the fast development of transport especially high-speed railway, it is much easier to discover all the big cities and the less-visited gems. Below is a list of some of top destinations to visit in China:

1. Beijing – Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, and Temple of Heaven.
2. Xian – Ancient City Wall, Terra Cotta Army.
3. Guilin –Li River and Limestone Mountains.
4. Shanghai – east coastal city, most prosperous face of China.
5. Datong –Yungang Grottoes, Hangying Monastery, Temple clusters at Wutai.
6. Chengdu – home to giant pandas and gateway to the beautiful west Sichuan.
7. Yunnan – the most geographic and ethnically diverse area in China.
8. Silk Road – cities of Lanzhou, Zhangye, Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumqi and Kashgar.
9. Tibet – unique high plateau landscape and Buddhist culture.
10. Harbin – fairyland in winter.

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