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Xian North Railway Station

General Information

Station: Xian North Railway Station / Xian Bei Station

Station(CN): 西安北

Address: Shangxin Road, Weiyang District, Xian City

Address(CN): 西安市未央区尚新路

Xi'an North Railway Station was put into use in 2011 after two-year construction effort. It is located right on the axis of Xian city, 12km north to Bell Tower and 20km to Xianyang International Airport. Xian North Station is the largest station and essential transport hub in the northwest of China. In year of 2020, over 200 pairs of bullet trains arrive and depart from Xian North per day, that is only 2/5 of its capability. It is the gateway for travelers taking train from the east and north of China to the cities in the west and northwest of China including Chengdu, Chongqing, Lhasa, Lanzhou, Xining, Dunhuang, Urumqi and Yinchuan.

The station consists of two squares (the north and south) and a main building which has four floors:

2F: waiting hall, ticket office, commercial area (on mezzanine), taxi drop-off area
1F: platforms, ticket offices, exits/ entrances
B1: arrival hall, subway entrances/ exits, exit passage, ticket office
B2: subway station


Location Map of Xian North Railway Station


Travel Tips

The main entrance to the station is on the first floor. For walk-in customers, look for ticket offices that on both sides. Cancellation and change service can be done on the machine or at ticket window.

No paper ticket needed but use the self-service machine to print the receipt as reimbursement proof.

Wheelchair is accessible.

Luggage check is done at the main entrance. Water and food is allowed to bring on but no prohibited items.

Local buses operate mainly between 6:30 to 19:30. Subway line 2 bounds to/from city center, line 4 to the new district and airport line is on service as well. Operation hours are mainly 6:00 to 23:00. Consider taxi or private transfer if you arrive early/late. ETripChina has professional drivers and comfortable vehicles in Xian to cater for different group size.


Popular Train Routes from Xian North Station

Beijing a famous ancient capital of China, Xian is very popular destination for travelers. Now China Rail make it the center of the high-speed railway network in northwest. Xian is always on the culture route of Beijing – Pingyao – Xian – Luoyang – Beijing; Panda visit of Beijing – Xian – Chengdu; Silkroad discovery of Beijing – Xian – Lanzhou – Zhangye – Dunhuang – Urumqi – Kashgar; and classic China route of Beijing – Xian – Shanghai.


Xian North - Zhengzhou

Xian North - Beijing West

Xian North - Luoyang Longmen

Xian North - Chongqing

Xian North - Sanmenxia South

Xian North - Baoji South

Xian North - Hankou

Xian North - Shanghai

Xian North - Weinan North

Xian North - Wuhan

Xian North - Guangzhou South

Xian North - Lingbao West

Xian North - Huashan North

Xian North - Yanan

Xian North - Changsha South


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