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Hong Kong - Guangzhou Trains

There are 12 pairs of train per day running between Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway Corporation manages and operates 3 pairs of the trains (KTT), T823/824, T825/826, T827/828 offering VIP seat and first class seats. Others are operated by Guangzhou Railway Corporation offering first class seats only.

Passengers taking Hong Kong – Guangzhou train clear immigration at departure station and straightforward to terminus. The whole journey takes about two hours and costs reasonably comparing other transport methods between Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

How to buy tickets

Walk-in customers can purchase at train stations, service points in person. ETripChina help you to book in advance. Please choose train from the above box and follow the step to send inquiry or pay instantly. We will reply immediately or up to 12 hours.

Collecting ticket

Hong Kong trains issue paper ticket only. ETripChina can deliver your finally paper tickets to hotel (if booking 7 days earlier) , allow you to collect at our cooperated office at Hung Hom Station, or have a guide to take to Guangzhou East Station 50-60 minutes prior to departure time.

When will I get my ticket after payment

Hong Kong trains release tickets 30 days prior to departure date. ETripChina issue when it is available for advanced booking and book immediately for booking within 30 days depending on the availability.

Book trains departing wihin 24 hours

ETripChina accept Hong Kong Trains booking WITHIN 24 HOURS. Please note Hong Kong train page offers accurate information but not real-time data of ticket number. It is important to keep your email and phone number (given in the inquiry) accessible to be informed of the availability, booking details or alternative plan suggestions.

Changes and Cancellation

Hong Kong trains apply for very strict change and cancellation policy including that should be done at issuing point. ETripChina is not able to change or cancel on behalf after giving you the confirmation number or delivery out your tickets to hotel. It is very important to fix your travel date before making booking.

Hong Kong & Int'l Trains from China

International Train Schedules

Train No.Dep.Arr.Dep. Time
K19BeijingMoscowEach Saturday
K23BeijingUlan BatorEach Tuesday & Saturday
K27BeijingPyongyangEach Monday & Thursday
K3BeijingMoscowEach Wednesday
K3BeijingUlan BatorEach Wednesday
Z5BeijingGia Lam(Hanoi)Each Thursday & Sunday
T8701NanningGia Lam(Hanoi)Everyday
T8702Gia Lam(Hanoi)NanningEveryday