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Hong Kong - Guangzhou Trains

There are 12 pairs of train per day running between Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway Corporation manages and operates 3 pairs of the trains (KTT), T823/824, T825/826, T827/828 offering VIP seat and first class seats. Others are operated by Guangzhou Railway Corporation offering first class seats only.

Passengers taking Hong Kong – Guangzhou train clear immigration at departure station and straightforward to terminus. The whole journey takes about two hours and costs reasonably comparing other transport methods between Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

Walk-in customers can purchase at Hung Hom Station, Guangzhou East Station and service points in Guangzhou/Hong Kong. But if you would like to guarantee a seat in advance, ETripChina will help you to purchase, deliver to you or offer service to collect at departure station. Please choose train from the above box and follow the instructions to send inquiry and pay. We will reply immediately or up to 12 hours.

How to collect my tickets?

Hong Kong trains offer paper ticket only. ETripChina will issue and deliver the ticket(s) (one way or round trip) to your hotel or offer service for you to collect at departure station.
Hotel pick up: We issue your ticket(s) and deliver to your hotel in departure city or other cities within China via Shunfeng Express – the most reliable express within China.
Guangzhou East Station(Guangzhou): we have a staff to deliver your tickets to Guangzhou East Station 60 minutes prior to your departure time. Contact information will be given after ticketing.
Hung Hom Station (Hong Kong): tickets will be kept at our cooperated office right at departure hall (working hour from 6:30am to 20:00pm).

When will I get confirmation after payment

For booking within 30 days, ETripChina will issue immediately depending on the availability. If not available, we will suggest you alternative plans or refund fully on your own choice. Please keep email accessible.
For advanced booking, we can guarantee you the seats and issue when ticket released 30 days prior to departure time.

Book trains departing wihin 24 hours

ETripChina accept Hong Kong Trains booking WITHIN 24 HOURS. Please note that our Hong Kong train page offers accurate information but not real-time data of ticket number. It is important to keep your email and phone number (given in the inquiry) accessible to be informed of the availability, booking details or alternative plan suggestions.
We can't guarantee you the availability until successfully ticketing, but we promise to refund fully if we failed to do.

Changes and Cancellation

You can change or cancel freely with ETripChina 31 days prior to departure date. However, after ticketing, ETripChina is not able to change or cancel on behalf after giving you the confirmation number or delivery out your tickets to hotel. It is very important to fix your travel date before making booking.
Hong Kong trains apply for very strict change and cancellation policy including that should be done at issuing point (stations or service point).

Things to know before planning Hong Kong - Guangzhou train ride

1. Do I need a China visa for taking Guangzhou- Hong Kong train?

Under the "one country, two systems" policy, Hong Kong maintains its immigration and visa policy independently from the rest of China. Visitors from most of the countries are permitted visa-free entry to Hong Kong for periods ranging from 7 to 180 days, but entering Hong Kong from Guangzhou or vice versa requires passing through immigration checkpoints of mainland China.

China visa policy is different to countries and types, it is advisable to arrange visa in your own country. We ETripChina do not deal with visa application, and cannot provide you further details or latest information regarding it. But we can give you supporting documents after booking like a confirmation letter that might be required by Chinese Embassy.

2. Where do we carry out border inspection?

You will have border inspection at both ends of Hung Hom Station in Hong Kong and Guangzhou East Station in Guangzhou. The whole procedure is very simple taking maximum few minutes.

3. Is there a limit on how much luggage we can bring onto the train?

Maximum weight of free carry-on luggage (excluding folding wheelchairs for disabled) is 20kg for adult and 10kg for child. The sum of length, width and height of each item should not exceed 160cm. Any item of the luggage exceeds the specific weight or dimension shall be consigned. If you have oversized/overweight luggage, please find details on page for luggage consignment services.

4. How much time should I leave for connecting flight and train in Hong Kong/Guangzhou?

It is always better to leave enough time for the unpredictable events. Below suggestions are given based on our previous customers' experience.

1): Hong Kong airport to Hung Hom Station or vice versa: it is advisable to leave 4 hours or more in between. It usually takes 45-60 minutes to go through the custom at the airport, take 60-90 minutes on average from airport to Hung Hom Station by taxi or shuttle bus, then check in to the train 45 minutes earlier.

2): Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Guangzhou East Station or vice versa: It is advisable to leave 4 hours on average. It takes 45-60 minutes to check out from airport if arriving by international flight or 30 minutes also by domestic flight. Take taxi or subway to Guangzhou East about 50 minutes. Then check in at 45 minutes earlier.

3): Guangzhou South Station to Guangzhou East Station or vice versa: 3 hours at least. Leave 30 minutes to check out and takes around 1 hour on the way by taxi. Then check in 45 minutes prior to departure time.

4): Guangzhou Station to Guangzhou East or vice versa: 2 hours can allow you to transfer trains logically. These two stations are very near to each other within 30 minute drive. But many trains arrive or leave at Guangzhou Station are K, T, Z trains which are likely to be delayed.

5. What if I miss my scheduled train?

If you will be late, the key is first getting in touch with ETripChina VIA phone number given in email whether you are on the road or still at home.

1): For ticket to be collected at Hung Hom Station or delivered to your hotel: we are not able to change or cancel on behalf, but can help to check the availability or book tickets two hours later than your calling time.

2): For ticket to be collected at Guangzhou East Station: we are not able to cancel (cancellation is not allowed within two hours before departure), but we may be able to change on behalf depending on the availability.

How can you avoid trouble?

1): Keep in mind the check-in starts 45 minutes earlier and ends at 10 minutes prior to departure time.

2): Prepare your local transport to Hung Hom Station/ Guangzhou East Station beforehand, and leave enough time in between if connecting trains on the same day. Check out our Hong Kong transport page and Guangzhou transport Page.

3): Make sure you fully understand how to collect the ticket at station. Any concerns or questions are welcome.

4): Pack light. No checked baggage can save you some time. 5): Keep your phone accessible as ETripChina is just a call away.

6. How long in advance should I book the tickets?

If your travel date is fixed, it is advisable to book and pay earlier to be on our caring list. ETripChina can guarantee you the availability for booking 30 days in advance. We also accept booking within 24 hours but cannot guarantee you the seat until successfully ticketing.

Ticket are selling very fast during Canton Fair period in April and October, Public holiday including the Chinese New Year, May Day Holiday, National Day Holiday or other unpredictable events.