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Changchun Railway Station

General Information

Station: Changchun Railway Station

Station(CN): 长春

Address: No 5 Changbai Road, Kuancheng District, Changchun

Address(CN): 吉林省长春市宽城区长白路5号

Changchun Railway Station was put into use since 1907. It is an important railway hub in China and a major point along "One Belt and One Road" of northern line. On October 13, 2017, Changchun International Port and China-Europe Railway Express (Changchun-Hamburg) was officially opened. By the end of December,2018, Changchun Railway Station is equipped with16 platforms, with half of them (No 1-8) serve ordinary passenger trains and the rest (no 9-16) serve high-speed trains from and to Changchun, Yanji, Huichun, Jiaohe, Harbin, Shenyang, Beijing, Dalian, Qingdao, Xian, Shanghai etc.

Changchun Station Travel Guide

1. The station consists of two inner-connected buildings. Ticket office, Information desk are easy to find on the 1st floor. Waiting room and departure hall are on the 2nd floor.

2. Subway line No.1, No.3 and No.4 arrive at Changchun Railway Station.

3. Frequently local buses arrive and depart from the south exit and north exit of the Station.

4. The Changchun Passenger Transportation Central Station (Yellow River Road Passenger Terminal) is 500 meters south of the Railway Station Square, which operates the long-distance buses from and to nearby cities and counties.

5. Changchun Kaixuan Highway Passenger Station is in the west side of the North Square where there’re buses running between Changchun and Songyuan, Tongliao, Daqing, Nongan, Qianan, Zhaoyuan and so on.

6. Taxis are at the transit center.

7. Massage chairs are available in Waiting Room.

Popular Train Routes from Changchun Railway Station

Well known as the Spring City in Northern China, Changchun is a famous national historical and cultural city, with many historical sites, industrial heritages, cultural relics, and especially the world of ice and snow that attract travelers from home and abroad. It’s conveniently to visit Changchun by train from Beijing, Harbin, Tumen, Songyuan, Daan, Baicheng, Ulanhot, Jilin, Yanbian, etc.

Changchun Travel Guide

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