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China is a vast land that boasts diversity in its people, culture and geography. ETripChina Travel Guide is your resource of travel inspiration in China. We collect the latest info for attractions, things to do, what to eat, where to stay, general facts of China, trip ideas, travel tips and more. If your specific question is not covered, just complete the simple form to get prompt answer.

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Zhangjiajie Travel Guide
Zhangjiajie is an ideal place for nature and outdoor lovers. The large number of towering sandstone formations are famous worldwide as the spread of epic movie Avatar.
  • Kids-Friendly Travel in Guilin
    Different from metropolis bursting with skyscrapers and engineering marvels, Guilin is well known for its natural wonders of Li River, aged Rice Terraces fields, erected mountains and scenic lakes. There are so many fun things to do with nature like biking, hiking, rafting and mountain climbing from easy to medium level. Kids can also touch local culture and traditions by tasting of short courses or family visit.
  • Beijing Travel Guide
    Beijing is a beautiful and attractive city, both classical and fashionable. Not only the historical sites like imperial architectures, Great Wall, but also small Hutong, old teahouse, trendy bar street, bustling business district, from which infinite modern elements and old Beijing authentic Beijing taste blend each other, making the extensive and profound cultural background, and orthodox but elegant way of life in Beijing city. No matter you’re travel with your lover, or with family and kids, you will find it the most suitable and comfortable.
  • Xiamen Travel Guide
    Xiamen is well-known as "the Garden on the Sea”. Xiamen combines hometown of overseas Chinese customs, Fujian and Taiwan customs, coastal cuisine and exotic architectures, it attracts tourists from home and abroad coming to visit every year. As its pleasant climate throughout the year and the inhabited egrets, Xiamen also called “Egret Island”, in Chinese “Lu Dao”, it’s listed as one of “the Top 10 Livable City” and “the 10 Happiest cities" in China.
  • Macau Travel Guide
    When speaking to Macau, “Casino City” comes to mind. Macau is known as the Las Vegas of Asia. Although always compared with Hong Kong, Macau has its own irreplaceable urban charm and profound historical precipitation.

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