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Train trip to Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Huangshan, Hangzhou

This train ride showcases you the modern Shanghai city and its neighborhoods – Suzhou, Nanjing, Huangshan, Hangzhou, which are all widely known and easily accessible by train. The classic gardens and canals, beautiful West Lake and Yellow Mountain, unique water villages are great reward for a short 10-day trip.

Train Travel Map of Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Huangshan, Hangzhou

Shanghai to Suzhou Trains

There are over 100 pairs of trains running on the route of Shanghai and Suzhou. There are running from every early morning (04:14am) to late evening (23:47pm), and available every 5 to 10 minutes at rush hours. Tickets are quite easy to book between Shanghai and Suzhou, but we still recommend an advanced booking if you want to travel at a fixed timing especially at (any) public holidays.

Shanghai has three train stations – Shanghai Hongqiao Station (虹桥火车站), Shanghai Station (上海站) and Shanghai South Station (上海南站). All G trains and D trains depart and arrive at Shanghai Hongqiao or Shanghai Station. Only a few trains stop at both stations. All the K, T, Z and number trains depart and arrive at Shanghai Station or Shanghai South Station.

It is very important to read your ticket carefully before starting out for the journey and go for the correct train station.



    Suzhou (Jiangsu)


Second Class Seat $7
    First Class Seat $10
    Business Class Seat $19


    Shanghai HongQiao

    Suzhou (Jiangsu)


Second Class Seat $4
    First Class Seat $5



    Suzhou (Jiangsu)


Hard   Seat                 $3
    Hard Sleeper            $10        
    Soft Sleeper              $15       

Suzhou to Nanjing Trains

As important train stations of Beijing- Shanghai railway, Shanghai and Chengdu railway, Suzhou and Nanjing enjoys very convenient rail transport. Almost of the trains running from Shanghai to Beijing (north or west of China) stop at Suzhou and Nanjing.

Suzhou has three train stations – Suzhou Station (苏州火车站), Suzhou North Station (苏州北火车站) and Suzhou Yuanqu (苏州园区火车站). Most of the trains stopping at Suzhou and Suzhou North, only a few arriving at Suzhou Yuanqu which is a new district mainly for factories.

Suzhou station is in the city center, near the classic gardens. If taking day tour from Shanghai, choose trains arriving at Suzhou station. For departure, choose the one near your hotel.

Nanjing has two stations as well. Nanjing South (南京南火车站) serves for G and D trains only. Nanjing stations (南京火车站) serves for parts of G, D trains, all K, T, Z and number trains.


  Suzhou (Jiangsu)



Second Class Seat $16
  First Class Seat $25
  Business Class Seat $49


  Suzhou North (Jiangsu)

  Nanjing South


Second Class Seat $10
  First Class Seat $16


  Suzhou (Jiangsu)



Hard   Seat                   $5
  Hard Sleeper          $13        
  Soft Sleeper            $20       

Nanjing to Huangshan Trains

Huangshan, where the beautiful Yellow Mountain locates, is still quite isolated comparing to other cities surrounding Shanghai. There are fast trains and normal trains between Nanjing and Huangshan, but options are not many. Book as early if you make Huangshan on your trip list.

If taking the normal K trains, booking from the terminus allows priority to have soft sleeper. Example, K8419 (listed as below) starts from Shanghai to Huangshan, passing by Suzhou and Nanjing. For the same train, you can purchase from Shanghai to Huangshan, if tickets not available between Nanjing and Huangshan, and board from Nanjing according to the train schedule.



Nanjing South


Huangshan North


Second Class Seat $51
  First Class Seat $83
  Business Class Seat $155



Nanjing South


Huangshan North


Second Class Seat $50
  First Class Seat $82
  Business Class Seat $153


    Nanjing (start from Shanghai and stop at Suzhou)



Hard   Seat    $9
    Soft Seat     $13
    Hard Sleep    $17               
    Soft Sleeper    25               

Huangshan to Hangzhou

There is only one train operating between Huangshan and Hangzhou (terminating at Shanghai) by Aug, 2016. It fits the schedule well if you depart Huangshan after the morning trip from Mountain area. Do not worry if you are not able to catch it up. Hangzhou has been the gateway of Huangshan due to the connection by express way. Frequently buses available between these two cities at every half an hour and the journey is only 3 hours. Check the bus availability.

Recommended train from Huangshan to Hangzhou


  Huangshan North

  Hangzhou East


Second Class Seat $10
  First Class Seat $16

Huangshan Transport

Hangzhou has flight connections to all major domestic cities, and many international cities including Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Frankfurt, Singapore, Kuala Lumpar, and Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

Frequent high-speed trains to Shanghai, Suzhou, etc in the north direction and Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen in south direction.

What to see

Sightseeing in Shanghai

Shanghai's diversity begins with its architectures. The city features an abundance of historic buildings left over centuries, but at the same time keeps up with the latest trends in modern structures. It is also a large international and cultural center.

Shanghai's essential includes Oriental Pearl TV Tower, The Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai Museum, Jin Mao Tower, Shikumen, The Bund, Yuyuan Garden, Zhujiajiao, M50, Xintiandi, The Old Street etc.

Suggested routes:

1. Arrival in Shanghai.
2. Take a full day sightseeing including Oriental Pearl TV Tower, The Bund, Yuyuan Garden. Evening leisure walk at Nanjing Road.
3. Full day suburb visit to Zhujiajiao Water Town and M50 or Qibao Ancient Town. Evening train to Suzhou.

Sightseeing in Suzhou

"In heaven there is paradise, on earth there are Suzhou and Hangzhou", is a widely known Chinese saying, reflecting the charming of Suzhou and Hangzhou. Here you will see its famous gardens and canals, a list of well-preserved water villages featuring arched bridges, narrow canals, and Chinese garden estates. It worth at least a full day or one and half day to enjoy its culture and tradition.

1. Arrive Suzhou in the evening.
2. Full day visit of Suzhou gardens- lingering garden, Administrator Garden, Panmen Gate, rickshaw tour and Ancient Street.
2. Half day out for the villages either, Zhouzhuang or Tongli. Then take afternoon train to Nanjing.

Sightseeing in Nanjing

Nanjing has a history over 2,400 years and many cultural relics have been left over in the years being the capital city. The most notable ones are Confucius Temple, Ming City Walls, Ming Tomb, and the Linggu Temple

1. Arrive Nanjing in the afternoon. Enjoy a leisure evening tour along the Qinhuai River.
2. Full day visit of Confucius Temple, Ming City Walls, and Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum. Take afternoon train to Huangshan.

Sightseeing in Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)

Huangshan is named after the Yellow Mountain (Huangshan in Chinese). The Yellow Mountain area, Xidi Village and Hongcun village nearby are all on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites making it a hot spot for visitors home and abroad.

1. Arrive Huangshan in the late evening.
2. Set out 90 km to Yeloow Mountain area, take cable car up and stay overnight on the mountain.
3. Enjoy a sunrise and take cable car down. Continue visit to Xidi and Hongcun village. Take late afternoon bus to Hangzhou. If start early from the mountain, you can also catch up the train to Hangzhou.

Sightseeing in Hangzhou

As famous as Suzhou, Hangzhou is notable for its beautiful West Lake and surrounding tea plantations.

1. Arrive in the evening by train or bus from Huangshan.
2. Full day visit of West Lake, Tea Plantation and Lingyin Temple.
3. Depart Hangzhou.

Booking Tips

1. Book early if you plan Huangshan area on your list. Trains to and from Huangshan offer rare availability.
2. It is getting cold at the mountain area after December 1st.

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