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ETripChina Bus ticket online

ETripChina is China's first English online platform providing bus ticket services includes ticket booking, bus timetable and bus station information. Currently, only a few stations provide online booking service(with passport) in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing and Chengdu.

Start from the above box - our real-time ticket searching system, input correct information required and pay online, you will get promptly confirmation or up to 12 hours.



Situation of China Bus online

ETripChina is China's first English online platform providing bus ticket services. There are large numbers of bus stations in China with various scales. At present, there has no fully integrated sales platform yet, which only covers part of the large and medium-sized cities. And only a few stations in Cities like Shanghai and Shenzhen provide online booking with passport. But you can search Bus schedule/timetable online of other cities.


How to Book Bus Tickets Online?

Choose suitable bus according to your departure city, arrival city and departure time, complete information of passengers and the one who collecting ticket, then submit and pay. we will send the e-ticket to you by email in 12 hours.


How many days ahead of time can buy the ticket?

Typically the pre-sale period for bus ticket is 10 days. But will be different with different stations or in the days of holidays. You can make reservations in advance, we will check ticket(s) once tickets released.


Why There is No Arrival Station in the Search List?

At present, part of the cities provide the arrival station, others only show the arrival city.


Direct Buses and Non-direct Buses

Direct buses: stop only in two stations, the originating station and the terminal; non-direct: stop midway to pick up new guests. Ticket online are mostly direct bus.