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Hong Kong to Shenzhen Transport

Mia Hong Kong Travel Guide 2023-03-05

Shenzhen is the closest city to Hong Kong, sharing land border in the north. It is easy to reach from Hong Kong by train, bus, and private transfer. Let us share the main transport options and find the best for you.


Travel from Hong Kong to Shenzhen by bullet train


Since Sep 23rd, 2018, Hong Kong high-speed rail was put into service and there are frequent bullet trains from West Kowloon (香港西九龙站) to Shenzhen North Railway Station (深圳北站) and Shenzhen Futian Railway Station (深圳福田站) in the south. The whole ride is only 14-18 minutes with cost from CNY 68 (2nd class seat) to CNY 109 (1st class seat). Check real time data from China train page and plan your train journey in advance.


Please note that visitors from most of the countries need China visa to travel from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, a city in mainland China. However, it is quite simple to clear the customs at train stations.

Hong Kong to Shenzhen Transport Map

Hong Kong to Shenzhen by MTR

Option 1: You can hop on Metro East Line to Lo Wu station where the Luohu Port (罗湖海关) locates. Clear the customs, you will arrive at the Luohu district of Shenzhen, which is the busiest center of Shenzhen city. The Shenzhen Station (深圳站) is only 15 mins walking distance from the exit of Luo Hu port (罗湖关口). From there you can take bullet train to Guangzhou or other cities of China.


Tips: Working hours of Luohu Check Point is from 6:30am to 24:00pm. It takes 5- 15 minutes to go through immigration process as usual due to its largest passenger handling, but waiting hours could be longer at special events or public holidays.


Option 2: The same Metro East Line operate trains to Lok Ma Chau, where the Futian Port(福田海关) lies. It is a newly used checkpoint working from 6:30 am to 22:30pm. The Hong Kong High Speed Rail join in China Rail map here. There are lot of bullet trains running from Futian Station (福田火车站) to Guangzhou South(广州南站), and other cities. It also offers integrated public transport (metro, bus, and taxi) to different areas of Shenzhen.  



Hong Kong to Shenzhen by Bus

Cross-border bus service can be an alternative if no train ticket available. You can find boarding places in Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, and Causeway Bay.



Hong Kong to Shenzhen by taxi or private transfer

There are eight ports of entry between Hong Kong and Shenzhen border. The most used for travelers are Futian Port(福田海关) and Luohu Port(罗湖海关). Taxi ride can only take you to the port on Hong Kong side. Then you need to make your own way at Shenzhen side after clear customs.


Private transfer from Hong Kong to Shenzhen is popular. It saves you time on local transport at very reasonable price. Find details for Hong Kong Shenzhen transfer and a day car rental.



Hong Kong to Shenzhen Ferry Service

You can take a ferry from Hong Kong to Shekou Port in Shenzhen with one hour journey.
Ports in Hong Kong: Skypier (海天客运码头), HK Macau Ferry Terminal (香港港澳码头)
Ports in Shenzhen: Shekou Cruise Center (蛇口邮轮中心), Shenzhen Airport (深圳机场福永码头)
Ferry services is recommended for transit travelers.

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