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Guangzhou East Station

General Information

Station: Guangzhou East Railway Station / Guangzhou Dong Station

Station(CN): 广州东Address: No.1, Dongzhan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Address(CN): 广州市天河区东站路1

Guangzhou East Railway Station is conveniently located in the center of Tianhe District. Built in 1940, it is formerly known as Tianhe Station. After undergone several expansions, Guangzhou East Railway Station has become an important station for trains running on Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway Line and served as terminus for Guangzhou-Hong Kong through trains (Z trains).

The Station consists of a square, a terminal building and two tower buildings. Public bus, taxi and subway service available at the underground of the square. Ticket office, waiting room and departure hall is at the main terminal building. 


Location map


Popular Train Routes

Over 150 trains depart Guangzhou east per day. Here is a list of some popular train routes from Guangzhou East Station.  View full list of departure trains from Guangzhou East Station.

Guangzhou East- Shenzhen

Guangzhou East- Nanchang

Guangzhou East- Harbin

Guangzhou East- Hong Kong (Hum Hom)

Guangzhou East- Ganzhou

Guangzhou East- Meizhou

Guangzhou East- Hefei

Guangzhou East- Ji'an

Guangzhou East- Zhengzhou

Guangzhou East- Huizhou

Guangzhou East- Changsha

Guangzhou East- Chongqing North

Guangzhou East- Wuchang

Guangzhou East- Shanghai

Guangzhou East- Shenyang North

Guangzhou East- Xiamen North

Guangzhou East- Jiujiang

Guangzhou East- Jieyang

Guangzhou East- Qingdao

Guangzhou East- Beijing West

Train Travel Tips

  1. Guangzhou East Railway Station is equipped with escalators and wheelchair accessible lifts.

  2. The station served as terminus for Guangzhou – Hong Kong through trains (Z trains). Departure hall is on the 4th floor. Check in service and customer clearance starts 45 minutes earlier and closes at 10 minutes before departure.

  3. Due to its central location, Guangzhou East station is well connected with subway line 1 & 3, public buses to and from different districts of Guangzhou.

  4. Taxi stands are located on the ground level of the front square.

  5. Airport Shuttle Buses stop at Zhongxin Square where opposite of Guangzhou East Railway Station.

  6. Private transfer is suggested if arriving in the late evening, early morning or transit to airport.



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