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Guangzhou East Station

Station: Guangzhou East Railway Station / Guangzhou Dong StationStation(CN): 广州东Address: No.1, Dongzhan Road, Tianhe District, GuangzhouAddress(CN): 广州市天河区东站路1号

General Information

Guangzhou East Railway Station, located at No.1 Dongzhan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City and built in 1940, is formerly known as Tianhe Station. After undergone several expansions, Guangzhou East Railway Station has become an important station for trains running on Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway Line, and served as stop station for Guangzhou-Shenzhen ICR and departure station for Guangzhou-Hong Kong train.

Travel Tips

Guide Map

The East Train Station consists of a square, a terminal building, and two tower buildings.

Square Layout
The Square has three levels. The upper level is for pedestrians. The middle level is for motor vehicles and the underground is for bus stops, parking and subway station.

Terminal Layout
4F: Waiting Room and check-in counter for Guangzhou-Hong Kong train, Waiting Hall;
3F: Ticket office; Waiting room for Guangzhou-Hong Kong passengers; Waiting room for long distance passengers;
2F: Dispersion hall; Ticket office for long distance trains; VIP waiting room;
1F: Ticket office and luggage consignment office for Hong Kong passengers; Ticket office and waiting room for Shenzhen passengers, Rail tracks, Platforms


As a modern port station, Guangzhou East Railway Station is equipped with 36 sets of various types of elevators, including 21 sets of escalators, 7 sets of passenger elevators with the handicapped dedicated ladder, 8 sets of goods elevators. Therefore, it is convenience for passengers up and down the platform. 

Guangzhou East Railway Station serves 12 pairs of Guangzhou-Hong Kong train each day. To guarantee seats, you are suggested to make advanced booking. Tickets can be purchased at Guangzhou East Station in person one month prior to departure time. EtripChina provides Guangzhou – Hong Kong train booking service as well. Please check in and clear the customs at least 45 minutes earlier. Boarding gate closes 10 minutes before departure.

Guangzhou East Railway Station contains 15 Waiting rooms covering an area of 13000 square meters, which can hold 20.000 passengers. The layout of Waiting Rooms listed as below:

Waiting Room for passenger traveling by Guangzhou-shenzhen trains is on 1F;
Five VIP Lounges are at the east of on 2F;
Waiting room for long distance passengers is on 3F;
Check- in counter for Guangzhou--Hong Kong train and Domestic Passenger Waiting Hall are on 4F.
Please follow the information showing on the ticket to find your waiting room.

Transfer tips

First, please check you arrive and depart Guangzhou at the same station.
Second, if transfer in Guangzhou East Railway Station, paper ticket holders can go directly into waiting rooms repeated exit and check in; E-ticket holders should get your paper ticket first. If you need to transfer to Guangzhou South Railway Station, please leave at least 2.5 hours to reach there.

Regarding other security notes, please follow the tips from train staff.

Ground Transport

With Metro Line 1 and Line 3 at underground level and bus stops, taxi stands that bound for downtown at front square, Guangzhou East Railway Station has the most convenient transportation connecting to urban, which make it the important transportation hub in Guangzhou City.


At East Station Coach Station: 27, 32, 39, 60, 298, 508, 560, 776, 778, B18, B6 Express Line
At East Station Bus Station: Tourism Bus Line 3
At Middle Linhe Road: 41, 43, 122A, 122, 175, 183, 185, 195, 209, 256, 263, 302A, 302, 501, 508, 804, 808, 841, 884, B17, Gaofeng Express Line 28, Guang283, Tourism Bus Line 3, Night Bus Line (17, 28, 51, 74)
At East Linhe Road:45, 62A, 62, 214, 233, 280, 551, 810A, 810, B19, B20, Gaofeng Express Line 24 and Line 28, Night Bus Line (15, 77, 78)


Subway Station, located on the front square of underground level, has Metro Line 3 to Baiyun Airport South Station by ten stops which costs 30 minutes. The service time of Metro Line 3 is from 6:10am to 23:30pm.

There are two Exits in the Subway Station, I Exit leads to taxi waiting point, and H Exit leads to long-distance consignment.

Airport Shuttle Buses

Airport Shuttle Buses stop at Zhongxin Square where opposite of Guangzhou East Railway Station.

Line CAN6

Pearl River New Town Square-Baiyun Airport

Pearl River New Town Square-Gym East Road-Tianhe Road-Middle Guangzhou Avenue-North Ring Road Expressway-Airport Expressway -Baiyun Airport

First-run vehicle
Last-run vehicle :22:30


Baiyun Airport-Pearl River New Town Square

Baiyun Airport-Airport Expressway-North Ring Road Expressway-Middle Guangzhou Avenued-Tianhe Road-Gym East Road-Pearl River New Town Square

First-run vehicle :05:30
Last-run vehicle :22:30


Taxi stands are located on the ground level of the front square.

Taxi stands are located on the ground level of the front square
From Guangzhou East Railway Station to Guangzhou South Railway Station: 25 Km, 50 minutes and CNY 100 (for your reference).
From Guangzhou East Railway Station to Guangzhou Railway Station: 9 Km, 30 minutes, CNY 30 (for your reference).
From Guangzhou East Railway Station to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport: 10 Km, 30 minutes, CNY 100 (for your reference).

Schedule to Major Destinations

Guangzhou East Station mainly serves as arrival and departure station for trains running on Guangzhou-shenzheng Railway, Guangzhou-Kowloon Railway, Guangzhou-Meizhou Railway, Guangzhou-Shantou Railway, as well as for trains from East China to Guangzhou that running on Beijing-Kowloon Railway.

Schedule and Ticket Booking

Guangzhou EastYichang East1 trains from 15:04Detail
Guangzhou EastXiangyang(Hubei)1 trains from 14:04Detail
Guangzhou EastShenzhen53 trains from 06:24 to 22:36Detail
Guangzhou EastChaoshan8 trains from 07:40 to 18:52Detail
Guangzhou EastXuzhou1 trains from 08:00Detail
Guangzhou EastDatong1 trains from 14:50Detail
Guangzhou EastHankou1 trains from 11:15Detail
Guangzhou EastShantou1 trains from 08:32Detail
Guangzhou EastMeizhou2 trains from 09:20 to 16:23Detail
Guangzhou EastXiamen1 trains from 20:47Detail
Guangzhou EastYingtan1 trains from 16:30Detail
Guangzhou EastJiujiang1 trains from 15:10Detail
Guangzhou EastShenyang North1 trains from 17:12Detail
Guangzhou EastNanChang2 trains from 17:43 to 18:53Detail
Guangzhou EastBeijing West1 trains from 18:06Detail
Guangzhou EastHefei1 trains from 10:24Detail
Guangzhou EastQingdao1 trains from 23:05Detail
Guangzhou EastHarbin1 trains from 19:50Detail
Guangzhou EastChengdu1 trains from 12:51Detail
Guangzhou EastGanzhou1 trains from 15:56Detail
Guangzhou EastHuaihua1 trains from 20:19Detail


Q1 Can I purchase ticket at train station?
A1 Every train station has ticket office working from early morning to late night or ending when the last train passing by on the day. Staff speak no or little English. Prepare yourself relevant notes both in English and Chinese. And China Rail accepts cash only. Advanced booking is always recommended as China train tickets selling fast always.
Q2 Are there elevators or escaltors in train stations?
A2 Most major stations those are rebuilt or renovated to allow high-speed trains equipped with elevators or escaltors, but not in many smaller stations. You still need to carry luggage up and down. Some stations has help center or porters. You can find it at the first floor and care about your precious.
Q3 Can I deposit my luggage in a train station?
A3 Almost of the train stations offer luggage store services. Charges are approximately CNY10-20 per piece (for hours or half day) depends on its size. Don't leave any valuable items in your luggage.
Q4 What other types of services are available at the station?
A4 Many rebuilt train stations in big cities provide a variety of services, including information desks, luggage store, arrival/departure boards, restrooms, coffee shops and gift shops. Some larger stations in larger cities have WiFi hotspots, lounges for business travelers, and restaurants and bars.
Q5 How can collect my paper ticket?
A5 Find ticket office (售票厅) at train station and join in any queue. Staff will ask for your e-ticket number (given in the confirmation letter) and your passport. Avoid the first and last window which are usually for changes and cancellation.