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Hong Kong Disneyland Play Guide Transportation, Tickets, Show and Booking Methods

Xiao Hong Kong Travel Guide 2024-04-24

Step into the world of Frozen where you can experience thrilling roller coasters, savor snowflake ice cream, and relive Elsa's classic story. Children also have the chance to meet Anna and Elsa, experiencing the immersive magic brought by the latest technology. Finally, the fireworks and audiovisual performances at the castle are the most moving part of the entire journey, with exciting scenes from 40 Disney and Pixar stories. This article records the latest strategies for the park, hoping that everyone visiting Hong Kong Disneyland can have a fulfilling day without any regrets.

How to Purchase Tickets and Admission Times at Hong Kong Disneyland

• Operating Hours: 10:30 AM to 8:30 PM

• Ticket Prices: Prices vary depending on the time of day, with higher prices during popular holiday periods and lower prices on weekdays (For detailed prices, please refer to the official website).

Disneyland tickets come in several options, including one-day, two-day, early admission, FastPass 3, FastPass 8, and ticket-meal combos.

Hong Kong Disneyland ticket prices are categorized based on different dates into "Regular Days, Specific Days, and Peak Days - Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4".

Specific Days typically include Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, while Hong Kong's public holidays may fall under Peak Days. The ticket pricing based on dates encourages visitors to enter the park at different times throughout the year, aiding the park in managing demand more effectively and providing guests with a higher quality experience.

Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket Prices:


TypeRegular DaysSpecific DaysPeak Days
Standard Ticket (12-64)HK$639HK$699HK$759
Child Ticket (3-11)HK$475HK$524HK$569
Senior Ticket (65+)HK$100HK$100HK$100

Please note that Hong Kong Disneyland does not offer ticket packages including the Disney Premier Access (fast pass) service. If you wish to purchase the Premier Access, it must be bought separately.

As popular attractions at Hong Kong Disneyland typically have wait times of about 30-60 minutes, which is much more relaxed compared to Japan.  

Transportation Options to Hong Kong Disneyland and the Need for Nearby Accommodation

Staying at a hotel near Hong Kong Disneyland is definitely worth considering, especially since the Disneyland Hotel is just a 5-minute walk from the theme park entrance. Traveling from Kowloon or Hong Kong Island to Disneyland by subway and then transferring to the Disney line can take at least an hour. After a long day at the park, the last thing you want is to feel exhausted from the journey back home. This is where spending a little extra money really pays off!

Mickey Train

Whether traveling from Hong Kong Island or Kowloon, you'll need to take the MTR to Tung Chung Station and transfer to the Disney line to reach Disneyland (approximately a 1-hour journey). One advantage is getting to ride the Disney-themed train, where every detail, from the windows to the seats, is adorned with Disney elements. The platforms feel like entering different kingdoms, adding to the excitement of the trip ahead.

However, taking the subway means navigating platforms and, if it's during rush hour or a busy time, dealing with crowded trains. Even on our first visit, we weren't surprised by the crowds, but the return journey was especially overwhelming!

Citybus Airport Express

This time, we opted for the Citybus Airport Express, either A or E, to Tung Chung Line Station. From there, we transferred to the R8 bus (free of charge), which took us directly to Disneyland. The fare is slightly cheaper than the subway, and both Kowloon and Hong Kong Island have this option available. The best part is there are fewer people, and you avoid the hassle of transferring multiple times.

Private Transfer by Alphard Van

Hong Kong charter transfer service (7-seater Alphard Van) offers the most comfortable way to travel, ideal for families with its MPV model. Prices start at $85 USD.  Book a vehicle or contact us directly

Hong Kong Transfer Service

Download the official Hong Kong Disneyland app

Upon entering Disneyland, the first thing to do is open the mobile app and apply for a reservation wait card.

The Hong Kong Disneyland app is a must-download for anyone entering the park. With today's technological advancements, you can find information about park attractions and map locations right in the app. Most importantly, many activities within the park require reservations. For example, for the "Forest of Enchantment" live show with Anna and Elsa, it's recommended to reserve a wait card as soon as you enter. Similarly, for fans of Duffy the Disney Bear, you can meet him in person at the Town Square Theater. Don't forget to make these reservations!

Luggage storage

Large luggage storage is available at the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland. Additionally, there are self-service lockers within the park. While the luggage storage service may come at a price, it's essential for visitors carrying bags of all sizes.

Stroller Rental

- Location: Next to the Town Hall on Main Street, USA, by the vintage firehouse.

- Daily rental fee for a stroller: HK$150

- Daily rental fee for a rain cover: HK$50

As a new dad, it's natural to look for facilities that are convenient for little ones. On the left side of the entrance, there's a firehouse where you can borrow strollers. However, there's a fee for this service, but it saves you the hassle of bringing your own stroller. Additionally, wheelchair rentals are available at a daily rate of HK$60, and for seniors, it's HK$30 per day.

Common Questions about Entering Hong Kong Disneyland

Before entering the park, besides ticket checks, bags are also inspected for the safety of the park. The following are two common questions asked upon arrival at Disneyland.

Question: Can I bring my own food into Disneyland? Are there any restrictions?

Answer: Yes, you can bring in individual portions of food and drinks to the park. Permitted food items include apples, bananas, packaged potato chips, packaged cookies, bread, sandwiches, and similar items.

Question: Is the use of selfie sticks allowed in Hong Kong Disneyland?

Answer: Selfie sticks are not permitted within the premises of Hong Kong Disneyland. If a selfie stick is found during security checks, guests may be asked to put it back into their bags or store it in the luggage storage area (tripods are also not allowed).

Hong Kong Disneyland Park Map and Top Five Popular Queue Games

Favorites for Adults

- Frozen: A Musical Invitation

- Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

- Tomorrowland: Hyperspace Mountain

- Tomorrowland: Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle!

- Adventureland: Jungle River Cruise

Magical Adventures for Little Ones

- Frozen: A Musical Invitation

- Mystic Manor: Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage

- The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

- It's a Small World

- Toy Story Land: Toy Soldier Parachute Drop

Three Must-See Shows at Hong Kong Disneyland

- Mickey and Friends Christmastime Ball

- The Lion King Festival

- Disney in the Stars: 8:30 PM, 20 minutes

Please refer to the official Disneyland performance schedule for actual times.

Before visiting Disneyland, even with the mobile app, it's advisable to do some research in advance because the theme park alone offers eight major themes: Toy Story Land, Fantasyland, Grizzly Gulch, Tomorrowland, Main Street, U.S.A., Mystic Point, Adventureland, and Frozen Land.

If you enter the park an hour early, you can head straight to the most popular game areas, saving a lot of time. Around 11:00 AM, have a meal, and then enjoy the shows and parades in the afternoon or evening.

Top Five Favorite Attractions for Adults at Hong Kong Disneyland

1. Frozen: A Musical Invitation

2. Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

3. Hyperspace Mountain in Tomorrowland

4. Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle! in Tomorrowland

5. Jungle River Cruise in Adventureland

After entering the park, the first stop on our Disney journey is the recently opened Frozen-themed area, which debuted on November 20, 2023. Hong Kong is home to the world's first and largest Frozen-themed amusement park. Many Japanese visitors also come to pay homage to this iconic attraction. Upon entering the Frozen World, visitors are transported into the enchanting realm of Arendelle. From the dancing fountain pool to the romantic harbor and Elsa's Ice Palace nestled in the northern mountains, every scene from the movie comes to life. The park's shops offer adorable snowman ice cream and various limited-edition merchandise.

Key Attractions in the Frozen-themed Area:

- Frozen: A Musical Invitation

- Snowy Mountain Slide

- Frozen Forest Theater (Reservation required)

The queue times for "Frozen: A Musical Invitation" and the "Snowy Mountain Slide" are usually around 50 minutes. "Frozen: A Musical Invitation" takes visitors through classic scenes from Frozen, immersing them in the film's magical world. One of the most memorable moments is when the boat sails into Elsa's Ice Palace on the northern mountain while she sings the iconic song "Let It Go." This scene often leaves visitors deeply moved.

Grizzly Gulch's Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars is the most thrilling and enjoyable ride in Hong Kong Disneyland. The unique feature of this roller coaster is that it can be ridden forwards and backward, providing an adrenaline-pumping experience. Unfortunately, only visitors taller than 112 cm can enter, but older children will surely love it! Meanwhile, kids can enjoy the water gun shooting game nearby, which can get a bit wet but is still loads of fun.

Tomorrowland's Hyperspace Mountain, formerly known as Space Mountain, now features a new Star Wars-themed experience based on "The Force Awakens." It's a must-visit for thrill-seekers who enjoy roller coasters. While riding, visitors encounter various planets, making it a thrilling experience comparable to the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. Additionally, Tomorrowland offers three other attractions, with Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle! being highly recommended.

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle! allows visitors to wield electromagnetic pulse blasters while riding "Ant-Man" armored vehicles, engaging in a high-paced battle against an army of Hydra swarm bots. The fast-paced gameplay and realistic tech monsters make players feel like superheroes. Despite the seemingly crowded queue, the wait time is usually around 30 minutes, making it easily accessible.

Adventureland's Jungle River Cruise takes adventurers on a thrilling voyage through a mysterious tropical rainforest. Along the way, passengers encounter cannibals and dangerous wildlife, providing an exhilarating experience. Halfway through the journey, a nearby volcano erupts, causing the water to boil and steam to rise, adding to the excitement. After reaching the destination, passengers are left exhilarated by the thrilling adventure. Due to its popularity, expect longer queue times for this attraction.

Entering the Magical World of Disney for Little Ones

Mystic Manor - Mystic Manor Adventure

Excluding the Frozen-themed area mentioned earlier, Mystic Manor is an attraction suitable for all ages. It's like taking a magical ride through a mansion on a magnetic train, perfect for young children. With 3D visuals, the wall paintings suddenly come to life, creating an immersive experience.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

The super adorable Honey Pot is always crowded with people because Winnie the Pooh is a favorite among children. Along the track, visitors can see Winnie the Pooh and his friends playing in the forest. The characters here appear to have foreground and background illusions, resembling a giant pop-up book. Both adults and children can enjoy the experience. Sitting inside the Honey Pot not only allows you to enjoy the air conditioning but also lets you appreciate Winnie the Pooh's stories, providing a moment of relaxation before continuing your adventure.

Fantasyland - It's a Small World

After experiencing It's a Small World, the innocent melody of the ride will linger in your mind. Riding on a boat, you'll journey through Asia, Africa, Central and South America, and the South Pacific Islands, encountering dolls representing various countries and cultures. You'll even see famous cartoon characters as dolls, joyfully welcoming everyone. The spaciousness of It's a Small World allows for a rich and diverse experience, with one scene after another to look forward to.

Toy Story Land - Toy Soldier Parachute Drop

This area is my favorite because of the oversized versions of toys, which are incredibly fun. As you walk along, you might even encounter mischievous toy soldiers. It feels like we're toys ourselves from the Toy Story movie. There are spring dogs, toy soldier parachutes, and we even tried a remote-controlled car that went over 180 degrees! For fans of Woody and Buzz, you can meet them at the entrance. The RC car ride in the park is a bit like a pirate ship ride, and the parachuting toy soldiers are equally thrilling. It's perfect for adults to enjoy!

Don't forget to take a photo with Buzz Lightyear and Jessie!

Top Three Must-See Shows at Hong Kong Disneyland

Mickey and Friends Street Party

• 13:00 / 16:45, two shows, unlimited audience

Thirty minutes before the performance, Main Street becomes packed with eager spectators. Everyone positions themselves for the best view of their beloved cartoon characters. The street party parade is truly lively, giving visitors the feel of a carnival. The performers on the floats and the stunt artists are all smiles, ready to strike poses for your photos. However, due to the pandemic, I noticed that the parade was shorter this time. Hopefully, it's just temporary. The grand parades of the past are truly missed!

The Lion King Celebration

• 2:30 / 14:30 / 17:00 / 18:30, four shows, no reservations, limited seating, arrive early

Does anyone know how much it costs to watch a large-scale Lion King show? It's probably at least two to three thousand New Taiwan Dollars to get a close-up view. Disney's shows are breathtaking and colorful, with every actor being highly professional. Even though the storyline is in English, the dance performances are professional and enthusiastic. Considering the price of Disney tickets, watching one of these shows feels like getting your money's worth. Especially when you see the evil villain defeated in every show, and when Simba finally becomes king, the music pumps up the excitement. The forest friends celebrate joyfully, making it a truly delightful experience!

Disney in the Stars Fireworks

• 20:30, 20 minutes

The finale of the night at half-past eight is truly unforgettable. An hour before, the streets are already packed. In just twenty minutes, nearly 40 spectacular scenes from Disney and Pixar stories are showcased using projections, water screens, and fireworks. The venue echoes with Disney music and melodies. I've asked many people, and each one says it's the most magnificent fireworks display they've ever seen in their lives, leaving a lasting impression. Disneyland is all about creating unforgettable memories. Remember, always save the fireworks for last. (And when you see they're almost over, you can quietly head towards the exit, as the crowds leaving are quite staggering.)

Disney Must-Buy Souvenirs on Main Street USA

Everyone who comes here is laden with shopping bags, especially on Main Street USA. You can find everything from Mickey and Minnie-themed outfits to daily essentials, making it hard for anyone not to want to buy something. I remember a few years ago, I bought several Mickey bowls and a Duff bear. Anything with Mickey or Minnie is a hit with the young ones, and taking these back home always earns me admiring looks from the kids.

Apart from toys, there's also the Princess Dressing Room where kids get glued, and the hair accessories here are a must-buy. People tend to dress in themed outfits, immersing themselves completely in the world of Disney.

Street Vendor Snacks

- Popcorn: HK$45

- Coin-operated drinks: HK$35

Street vendors offer a variety of snacks such as Mickey waffles, popcorn, giant chicken legs, and many cute-shaped ice creams. Though I didn't spot any popcorn buckets or water bottles with special designs, many people bring their own sandwiches. But since a day at the park is an all-day affair, we ended up buying snacks anyway and even arranged to have two meals inside the park, using the meal vouchers directly.

Restaurant Options

The park offers a diverse range of dining options, from Western-style burgers and fried chicken to set meals and even buffet-style Cantonese cuisine. Prices range from HK$150 for a set meal to around HK$500 for a buffet. For lunch, we had Western food at the Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats, and for dinner, we opted for fried chicken and burgers at the Tomorrowland Terrace. The atmosphere at the restaurants is great, and among the three places I tried, the fried chicken and burgers were the best.

With so many attractions in Hong Kong Disneyland, it's worth spending at least two days here. So, I've listed out the highlights to help everyone make the most of their visit. If you manage to experience all of the above in just one day, then you've definitely gotten your money's worth!

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort | Hotel Accommodation

For those eager to make every moment count at Disneyland, staying within the Disneyland Resort itself is key. It offers a complete immersion into the enchanting atmosphere. In Hong Kong, there are three distinct hotels, each with its own charm. Let's explore!

Disney Explorers Lodge

Disney Explorers Lodge is a themed hotel nestled in the heart of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Embracing the spirit of adventure, it offers a captivating retreat where guests can embark on a journey of discovery. From its vibrant rooms to diverse dining and recreational offerings, the lodge promises an enchanting stay, immersing visitors in the magical world of Disney.

Disney's Hollywood Hotel

The Disney's Hollywood Hotel is a boutique hotel located within the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, themed around Hollywood movies. The interior decor exudes the ambiance of Hollywood's film industry, offering comfortable and spacious rooms equipped with modern amenities. In addition to the cozy accommodation, the hotel provides various recreational facilities including an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and charming dining options. Guests staying here can indulge in the fun of Disneyland while experiencing the allure of Hollywood movies.

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel offers a magical retreat immersed in Disney charm. With its Victorian elegance and themed decor, the hotel promises an enchanting stay for guests of all ages. Located within the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, it provides convenient access to the park's attractions and entertainment. The hotel features a range of accommodation options, dining venues serving delectable cuisines, recreational facilities, and Disney-themed experiences, ensuring a memorable and immersive stay for visitors.

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