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Shanghai introduction

Known as the "The Paris of the east" or "The pearl of the orient", Shanghai is a unique, international, multicultural metropolis. Nearly nine million overseas travelers visit Shanghai annually in the past few years. The city’s charm exists in the combination of historical architectures, skyscrapers, high-end services, authentic feelings in the alleys; a city that never sleeps and where anything and everything is possible. Below, we list some tours including the best of Shanghai from several-hours services to long vacations, ground transfers for business trip or independent travelers, valuable and unique hotels in the city center.

Full List of Shanghai Transfer Services

Shanghai Business Charter

We offer luxury business charter services in Shanghai and surrounding cities, providing mid-to-high-end sedans, business vans, minibusses, and other business charter vehicles.

Shanghai is an international metropolis with a complex road network. Utilizing our Shanghai business rental with driver service can effectively manage your time schedule, making meeting arrangements effortless and flexible. It's especially suitable for business professionals and high-end clientele. Our vehicles are regularly maintained, kept clean and tidy, ensuring a comfortable journey. Our dedicated drivers are experienced, driving smoothly, and familiar with Shanghai and its surroundings, ensuring prompt arrival at your destination.

We can flexibly arrange vehicles according to your itinerary and also provide local English-speaking guide services. Whether it's for meetings, events, sightseeing, or business activities, we offer reliable and professional car rental services.

Distances from Shanghai to Various Destinations

- Shanghai to Shanghai Pudong Airport: 54 kilometers, 1-hour drive

- Shanghai to Hongqiao Airport: 15 kilometers, 30-minute drive

- Shanghai to Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal: 24 kilometers, 50-minute drive

- Shanghai to Shanghai Waigaoqiao Port Cruise Terminal: 27 kilometers, 50-minute drive

- Shanghai to Zhujiajiao Water Town: 50 kilometers, 1-hour drive

Distances from Shanghai to Other Cities

- Shanghai to Suzhou: 100 kilometers, 1-hour 50-minute drive

- Shanghai to Hangzhou: 180 kilometers, 2-hour 30-minute drive

- Shanghai to Zhouzhuang Ancient Town: 85 kilometers, 1-hour 30-minute drive

- Shanghai to Tongli Water Town: 90 kilometers, 1-hour 30-minute drive

- Shanghai to Wuxi: 140 kilometers, 2-hour drive

- Shanghai to Ningbo: 230 kilometers, 3-hour 30-minute drive

- Shanghai to Nanjing: 300 kilometers, 4-hour drive

- Shanghai to Shaoxing: 200 kilometers, 3-hour drive

- Shanghai to Nantong: 150 kilometers, 2-hour 30-minute drive

- Shanghai to Yiwu: 300 kilometers, 4-hour drive

- Shanghai to Wuzhen Water Town: 130 kilometers, 2-hour drive

Our car rental services in Shanghai include

1. Airport transfer services to and from Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport, as well as train station transfers.

2. Business car rentals for one or multiple days, as well as rentals for conferences and meetings.

3. Charter services for intercity transfers between Shanghai and cities such as Suzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Yiwu, Nanjing, and others.

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