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Oriental Pearl TV Tower

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Facts of Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Names: Chinese: 东方明珠塔; pinyin: Dōngfāng Míngzhūtǎ, official name: 东方明珠电视塔

Height: Antenna spire 468.0 m (1,535 ft); Top floor 350.0 m (1,148 ft)

History: Construction started 1990; Completed 1994



The Oriental Pearl Tower is a TV and radio tower that serves the Shanghai area with more than forty television channels and radio channels. With a height of 468.0 m (1,535 ft), it is the third highest TV tower in the world, only next to the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada, and TV Tower in Stanchion Tower in Moscow, Russia. Standing at the tip of Lujiazui in the Pudong district, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is considered as the most distinct landmark in the area.



The tower was the highest structure in China since its completion in 1994. Though it was surpassed by the Shanghai World Financial Center in 2007, and the Shanghai Tower in 2016. Its architectural design makes it an attractive place and photography sight for visitors. The tower features 11 spheres (looks like pearls), placed with a conception of "large and small pearls dropping onto a jade plate". The two largest spheres have diameters of 50 m (164 ft) for the lower and 45 m (148 ft) for the upper. The highest sphere is 14 m (46 ft) in diameter. It looks amazing outside when lights lit up at night. The tower can be seen across the Bund.


Besides its basic function as TV tower, there is much to experience inside the tower. It is a complex comprising hotel, observation decks, restaurants, shops, museum and kids’ areas where you can spend a several hours with your family. From the sight-seeing floor, visitors can have a best view of the city in clear weather, the Huangpu River, the Bund area, and well-designed skyscrapers. The Revolving Restaurant which can accommodate 1600 people once provides panoramic view when having a drink. There is also a history museum at the ground floor showcase the old Shanghai charm, life of the city and its people.

Travel tips

  1.  It is not recommended for those who afraid of heights.

  2. Choose a clearest day if you will ride up to the top.

  3. Spend a few hours before and after the sunset. It provides amazing view when Shanghai is lit up.

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