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Nanjing Road

Shanghai Travel Guide 2020-12-07 13:20:43

Nanjing Road Information


Names: Chinese: 南京路; pinyin: Nánjīng Lù

Length: around 6 miles



Nanjing Road is the most famous shopping street in Shanghai. It locates in the city center, stretching 6 km west to east from Jingan Temple to the Bund. The road is separated into west and east Nanjing Road by the People's Square. There are numerous shops, restaurants, hotels resting in the area, making it one of the busiest commercial streets in the world.


Nanjing Road has a history dating back to the year 1845. It was extended in the later decades. Around 1930, it had become a bustling street lined with many department stores. Franchised stores were also established at that time. In 2000, local government did a large-scale renovation to the road, and made it to a pedestrian street.



There are many huge department stores and shopping centers with all well-known international brands. Many restaurants of the local flavors as well as western choices are easy to find. Alongside of the road, stands number of famous brands including Grand Hyatt Hotel, Four Seasons, etc. Today Nanjing Road is a popular metropolitan destination attracting more than a million huge shoppers and visitors from all over the world a day. It offers all desire for shoppers and a nice walk for people who heading to the surrounding attractions like the Bund, People's Square, Jingmao Tower, etc. 

Nanjing Road Travel tips


In most of the shopping malls, credit cards are accepted, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Federal and Million. If you have ever a member of Wechat or Alipay, it could be a good chance to try using the payment.

It is traffic free here. Small vehicles or trams are available for visitors.

Take Subway Line 1, Subway Line 2 or Subway Line 8 and get off at People's Square which is intersection of west and east Nanjing Road.

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