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Hohhot: Mongolian Culture, Grassland

Hohhot was founded in the 16th century and has been the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region since 1954. Throughout its rich history, it served as a frontier city and a crucial trading center bridging the Nomadic and Han cultures. Indigenous Mongols make up approximately 11% of the city's population, actively preserving Mongolian culture and Buddhism. The annual Naadam Festival in July, featuring traditional activities like horseracing and wrestling, is a major attraction. Despite its name, Hohhot, located on the Mongolian Plateau, offers a cool retreat in northern China. It is surrounded by vast grasslands and stunning deserts. Tourist-friendly accommodations, including yurt hotels and luxury resorts, make exploration comfortable. Must-visit attractions include Xilamuren Grassland and Kubuqi Desert's Xiangshawan. Additionally, Hohhot boasts cultural relics like Da Zhao Temple, Temple of the Five Pagodas, Tomb of Princess Zhaojun, and Genghis Khan Mausoleum. You can plan your escape from Beijing with bullet train rides or flights from major cities across China. Explore Hohhot with city tours or extended vacations. Check this page to learn more.

Recommended Hohhot Tours

  • Xilamuren Grassland

    Hohhot Two Days Tour

    Performance; Grassland; Desert;

    This two-day compact tour takes you into the vast grassland near Hohhot city, the endless desert, authentic Mongolian culture and bring you a close contact with local people. Join us and enjoy the visit of Xilamuren Grassland, Genghis Khan Mausoleum and Kubuqi Desert.
    On Request
  • Xiangshanwan in Kubuqi Desert

    Discovering Inner Mongolia's Cultural and Natural Wonders in 5 Days

    Monastery; Grassland; Desert;

    Explore Inner Mongolia's Best: Monasteries, Deserts, Grasslands, and Culture. This tour combines spiritual discovery at Wudangzhao Monastery, desert adventures in Kubuqi, grassland immersion at Xilamuren, and cultural exploration in Hohhot. Unforgettable experiences await before your return to Beijing by high-speed train.
    On Request
  • Mausoleum of Genghis Khan

    Discover Beijing, Datong, Ulanqab, Ordos, and Hohhot in 9 days

    Great Wall; Grassland; Grottoes; Desert;

    Explore Beijing, Datong, and Hohhot on a high-speed train tour. Discover UNESCO sites like the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, explore stunning desert and grassland landscapes, and experience Mongolian culture with a private guide for a personalized adventure.
    On Request
  • ningxia-108ta-wbq-430-310

    7-Day Inner Mongolia and Ningxia Tour from Beijing

    Buddhist Art; Grassland; Desert;

    Depart from Beijing via the high-speed train to embark on an adventure through Inner Mongolia and Ningxia. Marvel at the breathtaking natural scenery, including picturesque steppes and deserts, explore historic landmarks like Wudangzhao Monastery, Western Xia Dynasty Mausoleum, Five Pagoda Temple, and the 108 Stupas of Qingtongxia, and dive deep into the rich local culture of ethnic groups like the Hui and Mongols.
    On Request
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