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Macau Travel Guide

Macao embodies a distinctive blend of history, culture, and cuisine, complemented by a vibrant cityscape featuring casinos and entertainment venues. The moniker 'Eastern Las Vegas' encapsulates the allure of a captivating Macao, synonymous with glamour and wealth, making it a truly enticing destination. Situated in the southeastern coastal region of China's Pearl River Delta, Macao is neighboring Zhuhai and approximately sixty kilometers from Hong Kong. The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, inaugurated in 2018, seamlessly connects these three cities. With a visa-free policy for many countries, Macao is easily accessible, offering a rich tapestry of cultural diversity and entertainment.

Things to see and do in Macau

Macau, a city of vibrant attractions, offers a splendid mix of historical wonders and modern entertainment. The Venetian Resort, Asia's largest casino resort, invites you into a realm of Vuenetian charm with iconic arch bridges, canals, and world-class facilities. Surpassing Las Vegas in scale, it offers luxurious rooms, a vast Canal Shoppes area, an extensive spa, and Cirque du Soleil performances, operating 24 hours a day.


Delve into Macau's rich history at the Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral, a symbol of the city. The remnants of the Church of Mater Dei showcase traditional Chinese archways and stand as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Adjacent Na Tcha Temple adds to the district's historical charm.


St. Dominic's Church, known as the Rose Church, captivates with its exquisite Baroque-style architecture. The adjacent 'Treasury of Sacred Art' preserves over three hundred precious artifacts related to Macau's Catholic history.


A-Ma Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, holds cultural significance and gains popularity during Chinese New Year. Macau Fisherman's Wharf, designed like European and American fisherman's wharves, spans 111,500 square meters, offering entertainment, shopping, and dining in a nostalgic ambiance.


Lou Kau Mansion - Taipa Houses-Museum, with its Portuguese-style villas, and Fortaleza do Monte, a Western-style fortress, reveal Macau's diverse architectural heritage. Hac Sa Beach, the region's largest natural beach, charms with its black sand and scenic beauty.


Macau Tower, a 338-meter landmark, offers thrilling attractions like the 'Skywalk X' and world's highest bungee jump. Senado Square, the heart of Macau, features a captivating wave-patterned mosaic and serves as a vibrant center for culinary delights and European-inspired architecture. Explore the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau and the Holy House of Mercy, discovering hidden gems in this enchanting city.

Plan a Trip to Macau

Itinerary 1: If your itinerary needs to conclude in the evening, for example, on a day trip from Hong Kong to Macau using public transportation, you may consider the following route:


Hotel Lisboa - Ruins of St. Paul's - Fisherman's Wharf - Rua do Cunha (Coloane Village) - The Venetian - The Parisian - The Londoner - Wynn Palace


Itinerary 2: If you are on a private car tour, there's no time constraint, allowing you to witness the sunset by the seaside and explore the bustling Macau Night Market.


Hotel Lisboa - Ruins of St. Paul's - Fisherman's Wharf - The Venetian (Gondola Experience) - Studio City's 8-shaped Ferris wheel [Paid] - Wynn Palace (Sunset) - The Parisian (Night View) - Rua do Cunha (Night Market, Snacks)


Macau private car tours require a minimum of 4 hours, with additional time billed hourly. It's highly flexible. Check our car tour plans or contact us directly through WeChat or WhatsApp below.

Macau Transfer Services

From Macau Airport: Macau Airport is located on Taipa Island, approximately 10 kilometers from the city center. There are direct flights to Macau from many countries and regions.

From Hong Kong: You can choose to take a ferry, cross-border bus, or hire a private car when arriving from Hong Kong.

From Zhuhai (Adjacent City): Zhuhai has three border crossings to Macau: Gongbei, Hengqin, and Wanzai. Depending on your location in Zhuhai, choose the most convenient port. The most convenient transportation between the two places is a private car. Alphard vans with licenses for both places are the best choice.

Tailor Make Your Own Tour

Travel Ideas & Inspirations

What is the best time to visit Macau?

Macau is located in the coastal area, the temperature of four seasons in Macau changes smaller. From spring to summer (March to September), it’s hot and rainy, but it will be the best occasion to visit the Hac Sa (Black Sand) Beach and enjoy swimming and treading waves. When come to autumn and winter (October to February), it’s winter but warm and comfortable for northern tourists. It’s also the shopping season in Macau with best discount.


Visa policy of Macau

Macau generally has a lenient visa policy for short stays, with many nationalities enjoying visa-free access. The duration of stay varies (e.g., 14, 30, or 90 days) based on nationality. Travelers should check the latest regulations, as policies may change. Requirements such as a valid passport, proof of accommodation, and ample funds might still apply. For the latest information, refer to the Macau Immigration Department's official website.

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