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Luoyang Trips and Travel Ideas

As capital of 9 dynasties in Chinese history, Luoyang is the true power of the past and center of Buddhism. The city remains some treasurable relics although it went through several reconstructions. Longmen grottoes, White Horse Temple, Guanlin Temple, Luoyang Museum, Wangcheng Park are the most visited sites of the city. If you come in April and May, the city is more impressive with the peony flowers flourishing in many city parks. As always, Luoyang tours combine a visit of Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng which is the birthplace of Chinese Kung Fu. Tour of Kung Fu includes visiting the temple and watching Kung Fu performance. Learning courses can be arranged if you are interested in. Check the Luoyang trips below or request a tailor make tour.

Recommended Luoyang Tours

  • Our flurry friends – Giant Pandas

    China Tour from Hong Kong to Beijing in 15 Days

    Great Wall; Kung Fu; Panda; Grottoes;

    What comes to your mind when think of China? The buzzling Hong Kong city, natural beauty of Guilin, cute Pandas, Kung Fu and Shaolin, Buddhist art, Mystic Terracotta Army, Magnificent Great Wall of China.
    On Request
  • Customer biking on City Wall

    8 Days Beijing, Luoyang, and Xi'an Expedition

    Great Wall; Kung Fu; Grottoes;

    Uncover China's cultural jewels on our 'China's Timeless Treasures' tour. Explore Beijing's Forbidden City and Great Wall, delve into Luoyang's Longmen Grottoes and Shaoling Temple, and discover Xi'an's Terracotta Army and bustling Muslim Quarter. Bike atop Xi'an's ancient city wall, enjoy a Tang Dynasty show, and journey seamlessly with high-speed trains. This expedition immerses you in China's rich heritage.
    On Request
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