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Jingdezhen Trips and Travel Ideas

Jingdezhen, a small city in southeast China Jiangxi province, has long been called the “Porcelain Capital” for its important role in the world’s ceramic industry. Jingdezhen has a 1700 years history in porcelain production. Jingdezhen porcelain traveled to Middle East, Europe and Africa via the ancient silk road and by sea. Today, the city still serves as the most important ceramic production center in China and a living history book for ceramists and visitors. The thousand-year timeline can be seen in the Ancient Kiln Folk Customs Museum. Markets selling the good-quality porcelains and ceramic housewares are very interesting places to wander around. There is a special pottery workshop market for the independent ceramists to sell products designed and handmade themselves. Now, Jingdezhen is easy to access by flight, bullet train or road journey from Huangshan. Check our sample tours below or reach us via email.

Recommended Jingdezhen Tours

  • Huangshan Village

    Huangshan Day Tour to Jingdezhen and Wuyuan

    Ancient Village; Countryside; Ancient Architecture;

    Jingdezhen and Wuyuan are good places for a day trip when you base your tour in Huangshan. We will complete a perspective of Huizhou culture at Wuyuan and satisfy your curiosity in China's porcelain in Jingdezhen.
    On Request
  • Ancient Villages in Wuyuan

    Tour of Huangshan, Wuyuan, Jingdezhen in 6 Days

    Mountain; Ancient Village; Ceramic;

    Immerse yourself in the beauty of Huangshan's Yellow Mountain, visit ancient villages like Hongcun, explore the cultural gems of Likeng, Jiangwan in Wuyuan, and then venture to the ceramic capital of Jingdezhen. This six-day tour offers a harmonious blend of natural landscapes, rich history, and exquisite artistry in China's heartland.
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