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Guilin: Li River, Terraces Fields, Karst Mountains

Different from metropolis bursting with skyscrapers and engineering marvels, Guilin is well known for its natural wonders of Li River, aged Rice Terraces fields, erected mountains and scenic lakes. There are so many fun things to do with nature like biking, hiking, rafting and mountain climbing from easy to medium level. Kids can also touch local culture and traditions by tasting of short courses or family visit. Below is hand-picked list of kids-friendly tours, hotels, things to do and tips for travel with kids in Guilin.

Recommended Guilin Tours

  • terrazas de arrozales

    5 Days Guilin Hiking Trip

    Hiking; City Walk; Bamboo Rafting; Biking; Terraces Fields;

    Guilin offers some of the best hiking trails over China. With an easy walk around 3-5 hours each day, this hiking tour allows you to taste the best routes in Guilin including Li River, Yulong River and Longji Rice Terraces.
    On Request
  • Li River Cruise

    Four Day Classic Guilin Tour


    Guilin is a world-famous tourist destination with amazing natural scenery. Many of its great sights locate in the outskirts. Plan a short tour to Guilin with all remarkable places including Longji Rice Terraces, Li River, Yangshuo Town and Reed Flute Cave.
    On Request
  • Xingping

    Essential Sites of Guilin

    River Cruise; Bamboo Rafting; Terraces Fields;

    Our base for this tour is a pleasant hotel in central Guilin and take day trips to the surroundings. Highlights include a cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo, visit of the countryside beauty, impressive evening show and cascading rice terraces fields.
    On Request
  • Meet the soul of Guilin

    Cooking Class; Bamboo Rafting; Biking; Countryside;

    Guilin is one of the most beautiful places in Southern China with its unique soaring karst mountains, crystal clear water, authentic villages and beautiful countryside. Not to mention the green trees and flowers wherever you turn. This trip is a unique approach to the soul of Guilin, nature immerse experiences and cultural connection.
    On Request
  • Sanjiang Wind and Rain Bridge

    5 Days Insight Tour of Guilin

    Ancient Village; Countryside;

    The “Guilin in Depth” itinerary is perfect for those who would like a deeper understanding of a Guilin that is rarely seen by the average visitor. Experience both the popular attractions and some off the beaten roads in Guilin and its surrounding towns.
    On Request
  • Yangshuo countryside cycling

    Three Days Tour of Guilin and Yangshuo


    Guilin and Yangshuo are stunning parts of a China tour. This three-day tour shows you the essence of Guilin including Reed Flute Cave, Two Rivers and Four Lakes, cruise on Li River, biking into the countryside of Yangshuo and the unique photography place of Xianggong Mountain.
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Travel Ideas & Inspirations

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    In a recent announcement, China has extended a warm welcome to Malaysians by implementing a visa-free policy for travel between December 1, 2023, and November 30, 2024.
  • Dragon Boat Festival

    Dragon Boat Festival and Races

    Dragon Boat Festival is a Chinese tradition celebrated annually, featuring Dragon Boat Races in honor of poet Qu Yuan. It symbolizes teamwork, heritage, and offers thrilling races for spectators.
  • Longji in Summer time

    Guilin 72-hour Visa-Free Transit

    This article focuses on how to make use of Guilin 72-hour transit visa and list the differences between the two visa-free policies in Guilin.
  • Guilin Huixian Town

    The best sunrise and sunset points in Guilin

    Guilin is a popular destination for sunrise photography because of its breathtaking natural beauty, particularly the karst landscape that has been shaped over thousands of years.
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