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Chengde: Summer Resort, Temples, Hunting Ground

Chengde, located about 230 km from Beijing, is a historic and cultural city in Hebei province. The most notable landmarks of Chengde is the Mountain Resort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, built during the Qing Dynasty as a summer palace for the emperor. Covering an area of over 5.6 million square meters, it is the world's largest imperial garden. The magical land of Chengde has other superlatives: the world's largest imperial temple complex - 12 temples in the city, the world's largest imperial hunting ground - Mulan Paddock, the world's largest wooden Buddha – the Buddha in Puning Temple. When taking Beijing as your tour base, Chengde is a good destination for side trip. Visit Jinshanling or Simatai Greatwall enroute if take road journey.

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