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Chengdu-Jiuzhaigou Train Journey

Mia 2023-10-31

Latest Updates on Chengdu Jiuzhai Train

 As of now, the Chengdu to Jiuzhai railway is partially operational, with the section from Chengdu to Zhengjiangguan currently in service. The operational route passes through notable stations such as Sanxingdui, Shifang West, Mianzhu South, Anzhou, Gaochuan, and Maoxian. However, the remaining part of the railway, extending to Huanglong Jiuzhai, is under construction and is expected to be completed by 2024. This railway provides convenient access to significant locations along its route, including the Sanxingdui archaeological site.


The Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou railway aims to significantly reduce the travel time to less than 4 hours. Currently, the train journey from Chengdu to Zhengjiangguan takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. Following this, the drive from Zhengjiangguan to the Jiuzhai Scenic Area is expected to take around 2 hours. Once the entire railway is operational, this integrated transportation system will provide a more efficient and expedited travel experience, ensuring a shorter overall journey from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou.


Chengdu to Zhengjiangguan Train Schedule

Train No.

Dep. Station

Arr. Station

Dep. Time

Arr. Time



Chengdu East






Chengdu East







Chengdu East






Chengdu East




Note: If you are only booking train tickets, please visit our train pages and search for "Chengdu" & "Zhenjiangguan" to access the train list. Tickets are released 15 days prior to the departure time. Booking in advance, at least 16 days (according to the current presale policy), can increase the chances of a successful reservation.

Introduction of Chengdu – Jiuzhaigou Train Journey

On September 14, 2023, a significant milestone was reached as test train 55912/55913 departed from Chengdu East Station, marking the official commencement of the operational testing phase for the newly constructed Chuanqing Railway section between Qingbaijiang and Zhenjiangguan. This development brings us one step closer to its full-scale operational launch later this year. The Chuanqing Railway encompasses a total of 13 stations, including Qingbaijiang, Sanxingdui, Shifang West, Mianzhu South, Anzhou, Gaochuan, Maoxian, Shidaguan, Diexi, Zhenjiangguan, Songpan, Huanglong Jiuzhai, and Huangshengguan.

The era of the train-less Chuanqing plateau in western Sichuan is drawing to a close, and the travel time from Chengdu to popular western Sichuan tourist destinations like Huanglong Jiuzhai and Songpan will soon be reduced to just around 2 hours.

Looking ahead, a weekend getaway to Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong will become an enticing possibility. For those who haven't yet experienced the beauty of Jiuzhaigou, if you aspire to be among the first passengers on this remarkable journey, stay tuned for our updates, or simply reach out to us via the question form, and we will be delighted to assist you in making your dream a reality! 


Itinerary suggested?

Option 1: Weekend travel to Jiuzhaigou

Day 1: Morning train from Chengdu (East Railway Station) – Jiuzhai Huanglong Station (in Chuanzhusi); book a car to visit Huanglong Park, then transfer to Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area.

Day 2: Full day visit of Jiuzhai, and transfer to Jiuzhai Hunglong Station for your evening train back to Chengdu. 


Option 2: Leisure holiday to Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong in three or four days

Day 1: Chengdu to Zhenjiangguan by train (1h50m), followed by a taxi ride to Jiuzhaigou (3hrs) or a brief stop in Songpan town (reserve the morning train if opting for public bus instead of a taxi).

Day 2: Full-day exploration of Jiuzhai, staying overnight in Jiuzhaigou or transferring to Chuanzhusi near Huanglong Park (2hrs).

Day 3: Visit Huanglong Park and then take a taxi to Zhenjiangguan (1h40m) for the 18:15 train, reaching Chengdu at approximately 19:52.

Note: Consider extending to a four-day trip for a more relaxed pace or to capture additional moments in Jiuzhaigou. Book a car for flexible departure time and comfort: Jiuzhaigou Car Rental Service with Driver 

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Interesting Facts of the trains

Starting October 19, nine sets of CRH2G high-altitude multiple units, owned by Chengdu Railway Bureau Group Company, are gradually stationed in Sichuan. These trains have 8 standard carriages, a maximum speed of 250 km/h, 3.38m width, 3.86m height, 201.4m length, and seat 613 passengers. They can operate in extreme -40°C conditions, maintaining 18°C cabin temperature at -35°C, suitable for high altitudes and variable temperatures.


The Chengdu-Huanglong section of the Chuanqing Railway, spanning 275.8 kilometers in total, is China's second "Sky Road" built at an altitude of 3000 meters after the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. This railway, located in Sichuan, starts from Chengdu's Qingbaijiang, passing through Shifang, Mianzhu, Anzhou, Maoxian, and ending in Songpan at Chuanzhusi. The route ascends from 500 meters to 3200 meters in elevation. It is expected to be operational by the end of 2023.

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