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Harbin Trips and Travel Ideas

Harbin is the capital city of China’s northernmost province. It enjoys the same latitude as Montreal in Canada, with long cold winters and short warm summer. It is one of China’s most important industrial cities, but now is more famous because of the wondrous Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. It has been a big event annually since 1985. Artists use the blocks of ice pulled out of Songhua river as materials to create crystal palace. While on the Sun Island, the whole park is full of sculptures made from snow. Besides, different snow characters and Ice Lanterns are made in the center of Harbin. The festival usually lasts from December to next February and make the city a “hot” destination for travelers around China and worldwide. Thanks to the success of containing and controlling of coronavirus, no limit of travel within the land. The Festival was successfully held in 2020 and will be open as scheduled in 2021 (December 23, 2021 to February 28, 2022). Find the Harbin trips below or contact us to plan a joyful winter escape to Harbin.

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