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Xining Trips and Travel Ideas

Xining is the capital city of west China Qinghai province. It was once an important stop of the ancient trading route and became cultural diversity in the centuries. The city has a strong Islamic flavor and Tibetan feel. Ta'er Monastery, Qutan Temple, Tibetan Medicine Musuem and Dongguan Grand Mosque in the city are great places to encounter their traditions and cultures. Situated on the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau, Xining has long been the gateway from northern China to Tibet. It is the terminus of Qinghai-Tibet railway opened in 2007 which is the first railway linked Tibet (high-speed railways will be open on Jul 2021 from Sichuan and Yunnan province). Beyond that, Xining is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Qinghai lake and Chaka lake are two most popular spot in the area.

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