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Suzhou Trips and Travel Ideas

Suzhou is one of the most famous cities in China with profound history and abundant culture. In many of the cities, the old quarters have made way for new buildings in the fast development, but Suzhou remains its former charm. It is very impressive to see the exquisite gardens combining rocks, trees, water, pavilions, corridor, houses in balance and harmony. The best examples are Humble Administrator's Garden, Lingering Garden, Lion Garden, Tiger Hill, Nets Master’s Garden of of the Nets, etc. Suzhou also has some high-level museums, thousand-year old canal and peaceful water towns in the surrounding area. We design day trips to longer vacations to enjoy the beauty of Suzhou, transfer service for independent travelers to reach Shanghai and a list of handpicked hotels as well.

Recommended Suzhou Tours

  • Jardín del administrador humilde

    Shanghai Day Tour to Suzhou

    Garden; Ancient Architecture;

    With just a short distance away, Suzhou is a great destination for a day if you base your tour in Shanghai. This full day trip covers the essential sites in Suzhou including Administrators Garden, Tiger Hill, Panmen Gate, as well as a rickshaw tour into the streets.
    On Request
  • Student group on Great Wall of China

    Essential China in 10 Days

    Great Wall; Water Town; Garden; Palace;

    Start your tour in Beijing and end it in Shanghai, as well as trip to Xian. This 10-day tour covers all the essentials that you may have dreamed of China.
    On Request
  • Family fun at Longji Rice Terraces Fields

    Classic China in 12 Days

    River Cruise; Great Wall; Water Town; Garden; Palace;

    From its bustling and exciting cities to its natural wonders and small towns, this classic 12 days takes you a memorable experience in China.
    On Request
  • Discover China in 15 Days

    Water Town; Countryside; Grottoes; Ancient Architecture;

    Follow our 15-day tour to discover China's history and natural landscapes.
    On Request
  • Yellow Mountain

    Beijing, Huangshan, Suzhou and Shanghai in 11 Days

    Museum; Mountain; Great Wall; Water Town; Garden;

    Travel China biggest cities of Beijing and Shanghai, the pollical center and economic hub. Extent an easy trip to the Huangshan, where the most beautiful Yellow Mountain sits and the famous Hui culture originated; Suzhou featurs the best Chinese gardens.
    On Request

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