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Wuzhen Trips and Travel Ideas

Wuzhen is a typical ancient village lying between Shanghai and Hangzhou in eastern China. It was part of the Jing-Hang Grand Canal and flourished by the trading as other cities alongside. Among the six most famous water towns in the area, Wuzhen is best facilitated. The village has two main parts. The eastern part is more suitable for day trip travelers to see authentic local life and original faces of the ancient architectures. A stroll along the cobbled streets, a boat trip wandering the water system and visit into some themed museums are interesting things to do in this 1300-year old town. If time permits, plan a stay in western part of Wuzhen which is tourist-friendly place with old world charm. Check our Wuzhen tours from Shanghai or Hangzhou and enjoy a slow life in the picturesque town.

Recommended Wuzhen Tours

  • Wuzhen Town

    Four days Excursion to Hangzhou and Wuzhen

    Heritage; Water Town; Garden; Lake;

    “paradise on Earth” as Hangzhou is commonly known, has all the natural beauty and enchanting culture to experience. Join in us for a walk along the willow-lined banks of West Lake, sit back on the sightseeing boat and watch the mist-covered hills, savor a cup of tea while watching the tea ceremony at Meijiawu Tea Plantation, wind through ancient architectures of the water village – Wuzhen.
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  • Wuzhen Town

    Shanghai Day Tour to Wuzhen Ancient Town

    Ancient Village; Water Town;

    As a UNESCO listed cultural heritage site, Wuzhen Water Town has been famous worldwide. This great day trip will show you the well preserved cultural and historic relics, local residential houses, the traditional workshops and taste the food.
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