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Wutaishan Trips and Hotel Choices

Wutaishan (Mount Wutai) is located in northeastern part of Shanxi province, about halfway between Datong and Taiyuan. It is one of the four holy Buddhist mountains in China, a popular destination for pilgrimages and a UNESCO world heritage site since 2009. The name “Wutai” derives from its five flat peaks that covers an area of 2, 837 square kilometers. There were 360 temples at peak during Tang Dynasties (618-907), 47 of them survived throughout the centuries. The center for tourists is Taihuai town where most of temples are situated. A full day is recommended to go the northwest route and back: Tayuan Temple-symbol of Wutai Mountain, Xiantong Temple – the largest in the area and Pusa Temple on the mountain top. Pilgrims may spend 3-4 days to visit and learn more. Apart from religious interests, Mount Wutai is also a good summer resort and photography base. Read this page to plan your tour to Mount Wutai.

Recommended Wutaishan Tours

  • Classic Datong and Pingyao Tour

    6 Day Classic Tour of Datong, Mount Wutai and Pingyao

    Buddhist Art; Monastery; Temple; Grottoes; Ancient Architecture;

    When planning a tour of Chinese ancient art, architecture and culture, Datong, Mount Wutai and Pingyao should be on the list. These places hold large collections of historic sites and architectures from China’s early history.
    On Request
  • Yungang Grottoes

    7 Day Insight Tour of Datong, Mount Wutai and Pingyao

    Heritage; Mountain; City Walk; Monastery; Ancient Architecture; Streets;

    Datong, Mount Wutai and Pingyao has important position in Chinese history. These places remain a large number of historic sites and architectures built in early history, such as Yungang Grottes, Hangying Mounastery, Temples on Mt. Wutain, and sites in Pingyao Ancient City. Extend your tour from the cosmopolitans and enjoy the beautiful landscape in Shanxi and its inseparable buildings.
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