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Jinghong Travel: Must-see Sites, Tour Packages

Jinghong is a city in the Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, located in the southern part of Yunnan Province. It is commonly known as the "City of Dawn" and is an important port city on the route connecting China to Southeast Asia via Yunnan Province. Jinghong has a tropical rainforest climate, with warm temperatures year-round and heavy rainfall in the summer months. And that brings to Jinghong abundant natural resources. The city is widely known in China as the "Kingdom of Flora and Fauna," the "Treasure Trove of Plants," and the "Museum of Forest Ecology." The city is also ethnic diverse. Its unique traditions like Dai Songkran Festival is very attractive. The must-see attractions in and around the city include the Olive Plain (Ganlanba), Botanical Gardens, Jingzhen Octagonal Pavilion, Manfeilong White Pagoda, Wild Elephant Valley, Dai villages, Dai tea plantations and markets.

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