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Xitang Trips and Travel Ideas

Xitang is one of the six most charming canal villages in east of China. With a history over a thousand years, Xitang holds the old world’s charm in its architectures, arched stone bridges, roof-covered corridors and old alleys. It was inscribed as UNESCO world heritage site, but it is still a living town with residents living and running business. Mission Impossible III chose it as one of the film locations and the scenery was quite impressive. Xitang is only one and half hour road drive from Shanghai and the same from Hangzhou. We prepare day trips from both cities, make it part of the insight Shanghai tour as well. Come and take a slow boat through the water ways and experience the town by your own.

Recommended Xitang Tours

  • Xitang

    Shanghai Day Tour to Xitang Ancient Town

    Water Town; Ancient Architecture;

    When searching for an escape from Shanghai to the laid-back village, Xitang should be on the top list. Beyond the aged architectures, shaped bridge and local flavor, the town features covered corridors throughout the town connecting houses to each other. That make it an ideal place to have leisure walks.
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