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Hangzhou Trips and Travel Ideas

Hangzhou is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China. It received over 18 million travelers from home and abroad in 2018. What makes Hangzhou so attractive? Endowed with natural beauty and resources, Hangzhou has been a wealthy city for centuries and gained the name of “city of heaven”. 700 years ago, an Italian adventurer – Marco Polo traveled to Hangzhou and told the world in his book that Hangzhou is the world’s most splendid city. The old charm of the city is well preserved. You can find it along the ancient canal, at the Qinghefang Street, in the gardens, the themed museums and willow lined West Lake. On the other hand, Hangzhou keeps moving and bears some largest tech company in the nation. We have some good sample tours of Hangzhou and can tailor make tours depending on your interests.

Recommended Hangzhou Tours

  • Hangzhou West Lake

    Two days Excursion to Hangzhou

    Heritage; Garden; Buddhist Art;

    Hangzhou has long been praised as a paradise on Earth because of its natural beauty and enchanting culture and history. Join in us for a walk along the willow-lined banks of West Lake, sit back on the sightseeing boat and watch the mist-covered hills, savor a cup of tea while watching the tea ceremony at Meijiawu Tea Plantation.
    On Request
  • Wuzhen Town

    Four days Excursion to Hangzhou and Wuzhen

    Heritage; Water Town; Garden; Lake;

    “paradise on Earth” as Hangzhou is commonly known, has all the natural beauty and enchanting culture to experience. Join in us for a walk along the willow-lined banks of West Lake, sit back on the sightseeing boat and watch the mist-covered hills, savor a cup of tea while watching the tea ceremony at Meijiawu Tea Plantation, wind through ancient architectures of the water village – Wuzhen.
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  • Hangzhou West Lake

    Shanghai Day Tour to Hangzhou

    Temple; Lake;

    When set your tour base in Shanghai, do not miss a day trip to Hangzhou, which is widely known as one of the most beautiful cities in China. A day tour covers the must-see part of Hangzhou like West Lake, Lingying Temple and Longjing Tea Plantation.
    On Request
  • 11 Days Tour of Shanghai, Huangshan, Jiuhuashan, Hangzhou, and Putuoshan

    Mountain; Ancient Village; Buddhist Art;

    Explore China's cultural and natural treasures on this 11-day journey, from Shanghai's Yuyuan Garden to Huangshan's Yellow Mountain, Jiuhuashan's temples, Hangzhou's West Lake, Putuoshan Island's Buddhist heritage, and the serene beauty of Luojiashan. Your adventure ends in Ningbo.
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Travel Ideas & Inspirations

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  • Wuzhen Village

    Wuzhen Village in Hangzhou

    Wuzhen village has retained its charming water village character, with houses made of black bricks and gray tiles that contrast with the white walls, reminiscent of a Chinese ink painting.
  • Hangzhou Lingyin Temple

    Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou

    Lingyin Temple, also known as Yunlin Temple, is an ancient and majestic Buddhist temple located in the northwest of Hangzhou.
  • Hangzhou West Lake

    West Lake in Hangzhou

    Surrounded by mountains and has numerous temples, pagodas, and gardens around its shores, West Lake is a popular tourist destination and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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