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Xingping Trips and Travel Ideas

Xingping town is a hidden gem along the Li River, 65km downstream of Guilin and 27km upstream of Yangshuo. It is endowed with exceptional landscapes and the prime scenery is printed on the back of China's ¥20 banknote. The town has a history over 1700 years and once was the largest city along the Li River. The old quarter of the town remains large number of architectures that were built in Qing dynasties some 300 hundred years ago. Many nice hotels are purposely located near the old town or on the riverbank offering comfortable rooms and stunning views. It is a good place to take shore excursion for a river boat from Guilin, fulfill your hiking or climbing experience and breathe in negative oxygen ions. In 2016, Yangshuo Railway Station was put into use and the site is right out of Xingping. Then Xingping is easy to access from Guangzhou, Guiyang as well. Come to discover the regional culture and enjoy the natural beauty. We have various types of tours taking you to Xingping from Guilin, Yangshuo and other cities.

Recommended Xingping Tours

  • Meet the soul of Guilin

    Cooking Class; Bamboo Rafting; Biking; Countryside;

    Guilin is one of the most beautiful places in Southern China with its unique soaring karst mountains, crystal clear water, authentic villages and beautiful countryside. Not to mention the green trees and flowers wherever you turn. This trip is a unique approach to the soul of Guilin, nature immerse experiences and cultural connection.
    On Request
  • Tianxincun Countryside scenery

    Three Days in Xingping, Yangshuo and Guilin


    Yangshuo has opened a Railway Station right at Xingping Town, one-hour drive away from Guilin. This tour escapes the crowds and allow a unique approach to the soul of Guilin, karst mountains, crystal clear water, authentic villages and beautiful countryside.
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  • longji rice terrace

    6 Days Guilin Photography Trip

    Market; Heritage; Mountain;

    Guilin and the surrounding area are amazing photography destinations, especially for nature photographers! In this 6-day tour, you can photograph beautiful mountains, Li River, countryside villages, cascading rice terraces fields, cormorant fishing, buffaloes and more.
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  • Xingping Ancient Town

    Guilin Day Tour of Li River Bamboo Rafting and Xingping Town

    Mountain; Bamboo Rafting;

    Take a day excursion from Guilin to enjoy the most beautiful scenery of Li River with a bamboo rafting and visit of Xianggong Mountain. If at the right season, you can expect the breath-taking photos.
    On Request
  • Wulongquan Yangshuo

    Yangshuo Day Tour of Xianggong Mountain and Yulong River Bamboo Rafting

    Mountain; Ancient Village; Bamboo Rafting; Countryside;

    Take Yangshuo as tour base is a very popular travel plan in this area. This day excursion from Yangshuo takes you to the sights outside of the town including Xianggong Mountain and upstream of Yulong River with a bamboo ride.
    On Request
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Travel Ideas & Inspirations

  • Xingping fishing

    Xingping Ancient Town in Yangshuo

    Xingping Ancient Town is an ancient town with a history of over 1,700 years. Even today, it still retains ancient streets, bridges, theaters, temples, and other structures.
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