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Quanzhou: Starting Point of the Maritime Silk Road

Quanzhou is a city located in Fujian province, which is in southeastern China. It was an important node of the ancient "Maritime Silk Road," and known as the "largest port in the East," during the Song and Yuan dynasties (10th to 14th centuries). When coming to the new era of China, Quanzhou was one of the earliest ports to open up to foreign trade and was a major center for the export of ceramics, silk, tea, and other goods. The city has many cultural and historical attractions, the Maritime Museum, Buddhist temples, Islamic mosques, and more. Quanzhou is the only city in China that simultaneously owns all three categories of the "intangible cultural heritage" list of UNESCO. The city is also famous for its seafood, particularly its oysters.

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  • Quanzhou Kaiyuan Temple

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    Quanzhou, a coastal treasure, marks the Maritime Silk Road's birthplace. UNESCO sites fuse diverse cultures, echoing past Arab-Persian traders. Explore its riches, plan your visit, and savor Quanzhou's cuisine.
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