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Huangshan Travel Ideas

Located in Anhui province, middle China, Huangshan is a famous city with abundant Chinese culture and natural beauty. The Yellow Mountain in the area is regarded the No. 1 mountain in China and has been inspirations for calligraphers, painters and poets. The numerous ancient villages enable the inheritance and promotion of Huizhou culture which was one of the three important reginal culture in China. The best villages to discover are Hongcun(well-planned village), Xidi(exquisite houses), Nanping(traditional crafts), Bishan(tranquil place with good hotel) and Mulihong(photography base). Now Huangshan is easy to reach via high-speed trains and flights. We combine Huangshan tour with other hot destinations like Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Xiamen, Guilin or Hong Kong. Check the tour list, hotels and travel ideas below to get inspired.

Recommended Huangshan Tours

  • sunset of Yellow Mountain

    Yellow Mountain Exploration - Nature and Landscape

    Nature Reserve; Mountain;

    For this short tour of Huangshan, we will focus on the Yellow Mountain Scenic area. With a overnight stay atop the mountain, we will immerse ourselves in the beautiful scenery, dramatic sunset and sunrise view along with the sea of clouds.
    On Request
  • Sunset of Huangshan

    5 Days Huangshan Hiking Trip

    Nature Reserve; Mountain; Hiking;

    Yellow Mountain is regarded the No. 1 Mountain in China. Visitors are hard not to be awed by its grandeur and elegance. A trek down 600 meters to the West Sea Grand Canyon is just like a heaven type of experience rewarding with dramatic steep cliffs, hanging walkway, odd-shaped pine trees and sea of clouds. This hiking trip will lead you to experience this remarkable natural wonder first-hand.
    On Request
  • Bright Summit of Huangshan

    3 Day Classic Huangshan Tour – Culture and Landscape

    Mountain; Ancient Village;

    This classic journey around Huangshan will allow you to discover some of its main World Heritage Sites as well as our interesting culture. Our exploration covers visit of Yellow Mountain Scenic Area, Hongcun Village, Nanping Village, Xiuning County, as well as some fun cultural activities.
    On Request
  • Hongcun Village

    Huangshan Cultural Tour

    Mountain; Ancient Village; Culture Lessons;

    This tour offers the opportunity to combine a culture themed holiday with exploring beautiful Yellow Mountain and countryside of the ancient villages in Huangshan area. You will be accompanied by our expert guides to gain a deep understanding of Huizhou culture through the visit and many culture activities.
    On Request
  • huizhou style village

    4 Day Huangshan Tour to Experience Huizhou Culture


    The well-preserved villages and Hui-style architectures are very significant parts of Huizhou Culture. Their grey-lined tiers and white-walled houses with mountains as backdrop are the most typical scene that you can enjoy from traditional Chinese paintings. This tour will bring you close visit of these prominent villages, as well as fun cultural experiences from the inheritors and awe-inspiring views of Yellow Mountain.
    On Request
  • nuage dans la montagne jaune

    Yellow Mountain Photography Expedition

    Mountain; Ancient Village;

    Huangshan area has a wide range of subjects to photograph but the when and where are often missing from standard guided tours. Our years of guiding experience has helped us identify the best places to go from the perspective of a photographer. We will stay two nights on the mountain to have wonderful pace and more opportunities for sunrise and sunset. Come with us and be amazed by the beauty of Yellow Mountain and the ancient villages.
    On Request

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Travel Ideas & Inspirations

  • Mulihong in Huangshan

    Mulihong Village in Hunangshan

    Surrounded by lush bamboo forests, sprawling tea plantations, and traditional Anhui-style houses, Mulihong offers breathtaking views that are a photographer's dream.
  • Xidi Village

    Xidi Village in Huangshan

    Xidi village is a charming and historic village in Anhui Province, China. It is famous for its well-preserved buildings from the Ming and Qing dynasties.
  • Hongcun Village

    Hongcun Village in Huangshan

    Hongcun Village (宏村 Hóngcūn) is a charming destination renowned for its unique architecture, which reflects the traditional Anhui style of building.
  • sunrise at Yellow Mountain

    Yellow Mountain in Huangshan

    Yellow Mountain is a breathtaking mountain range located in Anhui province. This natural wonder is considered one of the most stunning mountains in all of China.
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