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Western Sichuan – garden of nature

The western Sichuan plateau is located on the eastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, transitioning from the first step to the second step of China's topography. Stretching from the 7,556-meter summit of Mount Gongga to the hundreds of meters in altitude on the eastern edge of the Qionglai Mountains, this region boasts the most complex and diverse terrain and climate in China. Here, you can find plateaus and mountains, snow-capped peaks and marshes, glaciers and rivers, canyons and lakes, meadows, and forests, as well as yaks, sheep, and blooming flowers. Western Sichuan also possesses a unique culture and charm distinct from that of Tibet, known as Kangba Tibetan culture. The journey along the 318 National Highway that crosses through western Sichuan is a dream for many Chinese self-driving enthusiasts. Watching the sunrise in western Sichuan with loved ones is an aspiration for many. It can be said that there is no other place in China more suitable for travel than here.

Recommended Western Sichuan Tours

  • Fairyland of Jiuzhaigou

    4 Days Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong National Park Tour from Chengdu

    Nature Reserve; National Park;

    Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong National Park are regarded as “world of fairyland” boasting snow-caped mountains, colorful lakes, dense forest, bright and scenic waterfall, abundant of flora and animals. This group tour includes you the visit of both parks, hotels and round trip road transfer from Chengdu.
    On Request
  • Mount Siguniang Hiking

    Experience the West of Sichuan: From Pandas to Glaciers in 8 Days

    Mountain; Grassland;

    Embark on a journey through the stunning landscapes of west Sichuan, China with this 8-day itinerary. Visit the Wolong Panda Reserve, Danba's Ancient Stone Watchtowers, Tagong Grassland, Mt. Siguniang and Hailuogou Valley. Whether you're seeking adventure, culture, or nature, this itinerary has something for everyone.
    On Request
  • Daocheng Yading Tour

    7 Days of Western Sichuan: Panda, Prairie, Nature Reserve

    Nature Reserve; Mountain;

    Experience the Best of Western Sichuan in 7 days! Visit adorable pandas at Wolong Panda Reserve, picturesque Tagong Prairie, and the stunning Yading Nature Reserve with its high-altitude lakes and snow-capped mountains. Explore Xinduqiao, Yajiang, and Litang for breathtaking landscapes and cultural wonders.
    On Request
  • Seda Wuming Buddhist Monastery

    5-Day Road Trip from Chengdu to Xinduqiao

    National Park; Monastery; Grassland;

    Experience the beauty of Tibetan culture on a 5-day road trip from Chengdu to Xinduqiao. Visit ancient villages and monasteries, witness traditional rituals, and capture breathtaking photos.
    On Request
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Travel Ideas & Inspirations

  • The Eye of Genie

    The Eye of Genie in Sichuan

    The Eye of Genie is a famous attraction located in the Garze. From a bird's-eye view, it resembles a glistening and translucent eye, earning the nickname "Eye to Heaven".
  • Bipenggou

    Bipenggou in Sichuan

    Known as the "Little Switzerland" of western Sichuan, Bipenggou combines high plateaus, glaciers, hot springs, gorges, and autumn foliage.
  • Ganzi Moshi Park

    Moshi Park in Ganzi

    Ganzi Moshi Park (Ink Stone Park) is a trendy and popular destination in western Sichuan, renowned for its distinctive ink stone landforms.
  • Daocheng Yading Lake

    Daocheng Yading in Sichuan

    Daocheng Yading, located in the Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province, China, is a renowned tourist destination celebrated as a "heavenly paradise" and the "last Shangri-La."
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