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Yongding: Chinese Hakka Tulou Museum

"Fujian Yongding Tulou Scenic Area is known as the open-air Chinese Hakka Tulou Museum by people around the world". The tulou buildings in Yongding are unique in their size, design, and construction. They are circular or rectangular in shape and are made of earth, stone, and wood. Some of the tulou buildings are several stories high and can house hundreds of families. The buildings were constructed as a form of communal living, with the entire clan residing together in one tulou. Yongding has over 40 tulou buildings and the most famous ones are Chengqi Lou, the largest circular tulou in Yongding, and the Zhengchenglou, a five-story rectangular tulou that was built over 300 years ago. Visitors to Yongding can explore the tulou buildings, learn about Hakka culture, and experience traditional Hakka cuisine. Yongding is now easily accessible from Xiamen and Shenzhen by bullet train.

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    Tulou is a typical rural dwelling featuring multi-storied houses built by Hakka people in southeast of China between 15th and 20th centuries. This tour will show you this architect miracle in these two days from Xiamen to Nanjing, and Yongding. Your efforts will be rewarded.
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