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Wuzhen Village in Hangzhou

Mia 2023-04-28

Wuzhen Introduction


Name in Chinese: Wu Zhen (乌镇)

Location: 80 km south of Suzhou and north of Hangzhou

Admission ticket: CNY 100 for Dongzha, CNY 120 for Xizha, CNY 150 for combined ticket

Duration of visit: one day


Southern China is home to many ancient villages, and Wuzhen is a prime example. Located 80 km south of Suzhou and north of Hangzhou, and 140 km southwest of Shanghai, this village has a history of more than six thousand years and is a fertile land of fish and rice. The village has retained its charming water village character, with houses made of black bricks and gray tiles that contrast with the white walls, reminiscent of a Chinese ink painting. Stone bridges are commonplace, and small boats with black awnings float on murmuring rivers. Wuzhen is renowned for its picturesque landscape and slow-paced lifestyle.


Wuzhen is divided into four sections by a cross-shaped river: Dongzha (east), Nanzha (south), Xizha (west), and Beizha (north). Dongzha still maintains its original layout, while Xizha has been rebuilt to replicate the ancient appearance. Because Nanzha and Beizha are less developed, travelers often frequent Dongzha and Xizha. Xizha is more lively with many shops and attractions, such as the Museum of Foot Binding Culture, which displays images, models, and over 500 shoes representing the evolution of Chinese shoes. You can also witness the unique sight of the "bridge in the bridge" created by two ancient bridges, the Tongji Bridge, and the Renji Bridge.


Dongzha covers an area of 900,000 square meters and has many tourist attractions. The old street features a museum with a dozen ancient beds, the first museum in China to collect and display ancient Chinese beds. The South Yangtze eco-museum showcases local birthday ceremonies, wedding customs, and folk festivals. The Yu Liuliang Museum displays over 26,000 types of ancient coins from 230 countries and regions.



Must in Dongzhan:

1.  Hongyuan Tai Dyeing Workshop (宏源泰染坊)

2.   Mao Dun's Former Residence (茅盾故居)

3.  Jiangnan Bai Bed Mansion (江南百床馆)

4.  Fengyuan Double Bridges (逢源双桥)

5.  Gongsheng Wine Workshop (公生糟坊)

6.  Jiangnan Folk Museum (江南民俗馆)

7.  Jiangnan Woodcarving Exhibition Hall (江南木雕陈列馆)

8.  Qinggeng Yudu (晴耕雨读)

9.  Huiyuan Pawn Shop (汇源当铺)

10.  Caishen Bay (财神湾)

11.  Lizhi Academy (立志书院)

12.  Wuqing Shuilonghui (乌青水龙会)

13.  Yuliu Liang Coin Museum (余榴樑钱币馆)

14.  Xiangshan Hall (香山堂)

15.  Xiuzhen Taoist Temple (修真观)

16.  Xia Tongshan Hanlin Mansion (夏同善翰林第)

17.  Wenchang Pavilion Jiangzhe Branch Office (文昌阁江浙分府)

18.  Jixian Lane (集贤坊)

19.  Wangfo Bridge (望佛桥)

20.  Caishen Hall (财神堂)


Must see attractions in Xizha


1.  The Old Post Office (老邮局)

2.  Caomu Bonse Dye Workshop (草木本色染坊)

3.  White Lotus Tower Temple (白莲塔寺)

4.   Three-Inch Golden Lotus Museum (三寸金莲馆)

5.   Longxing Field (龙形田)

6.   The Number One Pot Under Heaven (天下第一锅)

7.   Zhaoming Academy (昭明书院)

8.   Yue Lao Temple (月老庙)

9.   Qiaoli Bridge (桥里桥)

10.  Xishi River (西市河)

11. Xiqing Hall (喜庆堂)

12.  Wuzhen Grand Theater (乌镇大戏院)

13. Grand Canal (京杭大运河)

14. Water Market (水上集市)

15. High Pole Boat (高杆船)

16. Andu Wharf (安渡坊渡口)

17.  Lingshui Residence (灵水居)

18.  Wuzhen Wax Museum (乌镇蜡像馆)

19.  Mao Dun Memorial Hall (茅盾纪念堂)

20.  Zhang Hengtai Barber Shop (张恒泰理发店)

21.  Wujiangjun Temple (乌将军庙)



Tips for visiting Wuzhen.


The greatest attraction of Wuzhen lies in its preservation of traditional handicrafts, which are not just showcased for tourists but are still being practiced by skilled artisans. Yi Da Silk Factory is a prime example of this. I highly recommend parents to take their children to see this remarkable sight.


The typical travel sequence in Wuzhen involves visiting the East Scenic Area in the morning and the West Scenic Area from afternoon to evening. If you have enough time, you can also consider visiting Wucun, a new rural resort in Wuzhen.


For accommodations, if you have the budget, it's recommended to stay directly in the West Scenic Area. By using your ticket and room card, you can also enter and exit the scenic area multiple times within the validity period (subject to the regulations of the scenic area and the inn)



How to get to Wuzhen

From Hangzhou to Wuzhen

Travel to Wuzhen by high-speed rail to Tongxiang Station in Hangzhou, then transfer to bus K282 for 40-minute ride (5 yuan). Or take a taxi directly from Tongxiang Station for around 100 yuan.


Starting from Wulin Square, there are daily direct buses to Wuzhen West and East Scenic Areas with stops at Haihua Hotel, Hangzhou Railway Station, and Hangzhou East Railway Station. Check for accurate schedules and book bus tickets with ETripChina


From Shanghai to Wuzhen

If you're looking to visit Wuzhen from Shanghai, there are plenty of tourist buses that you can take from the area around the Bund. Huangpu Transfer Center and People's Square in Shanghai are the closest spots to catch these buses, and they offer great prices.


Alternatively, you can take the high-speed rail from Shanghai Hongqiao to Tongxiang and then transfer to a bus to get to Wuzhen. The journey from Tongxiang to Wuzhen requires a bus ride.


Another option to consider is taking a bus from Shanghai South Station to Wuzhen. This is the most convenient public transportation option, taking about 100 minutes to reach Wuzhen Bus Station. Check out China Bus Tickets Booking – enjoy bus journey with ETripChina


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