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Chaozhou Longhu Ancient Village

Mia 2024-04-26

Introduction of Longhu Ancient Village

Name in Chinese: 龙湖古寨

Opening hours: full day

Admission: Free

Address: Intersection of Hudilu and Longguan Road, Chao'an District, Chaozhou City. 潮州市潮安区护堤路与龙鹳路交叉口西南角

Advance Reservation: not mandatory (updated Apr 2024)



Longhu Ancient Village, a hidden gem in Guangdong, dates back to the Southern Song Dynasty and features over 100 well-preserved ancient buildings spanning architectural styles from the Song to Qing dynasties. Renowned for its intricate stone carvings, woodwork, and colorful paintings, it's a living museum of Chaozhou's architectural heritage.


Laid out in the pattern of the Eight Diagrams, the village's compact layout boasts a central street flanked by east and west streets, hosting over 100 ancestral halls and mansions. Despite its small size, it has produced 53 scholars and remains a testament to the region's wealth and cultural legacy.


Cobblestone streets wind through the village, showcasing architectural styles from different dynasties and the fusion of Eastern and Western influences in overseas Chinese buildings. Longhu Village retains its rustic charm and traditional way of life, offering an authentic experience of rural Chaozhou.


Home to nearly ten thousand residents, the village continues to preserve its cultural heritage through intangible traditions and rare female ancestor halls. Recognized for its cultural significance, Longhu Village has earned various titles and hosts a range of folk activities, including dragon dances and lantern competitions.


Surrounded by lush greenery, "Green Han Island" offers a serene escape, complementing the village's natural beauty and enriching the cultural landscape of the Chaozhou region.


Chaozhou trip including Longhu Ancient Village

Day 1: Kaiyuan Temple, Hanwengong Temple, Xiangzi Bridge, Chaozhou Paifang Street, Guangji Gate Tower, Chaozhou opera

Day 2: West Lake, Longhu Ancient Village, enjoy Dragon Boat Race in Chaozhou if you are traveling here during Dragon Boat Festival.

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