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Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park

Mia 2024-05-11

Chimelong Safari Park Introduction


Address: No. 593 Xiangjiang Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou Opening 广州市番禺区香江大道593号

Hours: 09:30-18:00

Ticket Prices: 300 RMB on weekdays / 350 RMB on weekends and holidays (for reference only)


Chimelong Safari Park is located on Yingbin Road in Panyu District, Guangzhou. It is a part of the Chimelong Tourist Resort in Guangzhou and is known as "China's most internationally acclaimed wildlife park". It is the world's largest and most diverse wildlife theme park. The park is known for its large-scale release of wild animal populations and integrates conservation, research, tourism, education, and public awareness of both animals and plants.


Interesting Experiences at Chimelong Safari Park:

1.  Observing Various Wild Animals

Chimelong Safari Park is the world's largest and most diverse wildlife park, where visitors can observe wild animals up close in the walking tour area. The walking tour area includes the Golden Snake Secret Realm, Jurassic Forest, Hundred Tiger Mountain, Animal Nursery, Koala Garden, Chimelong Giant Panda Center, Asian Elephant Garden, African Tribe, Flower and Fruit Mountain, South American Kingdom, Amazon Rainforest, Swan Lake, and Golden Monkey Kingdom. The park exhibits hundreds of rare animals from around the world. Some recommended must-see areas include the Giant Panda Garden, Hundred Tiger Mountain, and Koala Garden.


2. Riding the Mini Train for Exploration

The mini train is the main method of exploring Chimelong Safari Park, taking visitors through various themed areas like the Wild Zone and Australian Forest. The ride lasts around 30-40 minutes, with brief stops at animal viewing spots. For a more flexible experience, renting a car for touring is recommended.


3. Animal Show Theaters

There are four main theaters in the park: Flower and Fruit Mountain Theater, Hippo Theater, Elephant Theater, and Ark Theater. These theaters showcase exotic animals from five continents performing in various forms such as aerial, land, and aquatic shows.

4. Aerial Cable Car for Park Overview

The park's aerial cable car system consists of three stations, forming a 3-kilometer triangular loop that takes 30 minutes to complete. With the cable car hovering just 1 meter above the ground, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of animals like antelopes, zebras, swans, parrots, pandas, and koalas from a unique 720-degree aerial perspective.


5. Panda Restaurant

Dine with pandas at the restaurant. (There are 2 panda restaurants in the park, but only the "Panda Parent-Child Restaurant" features giant pandas. Check the guide map for details.)


6. Experience as a Junior

Chimelong Animal Academy offers 26 stations with staff explanations. It includes unique programs like Koala and Panda Classrooms, Jungle Discovery, and more. Visitors can experience various activities like overnight stays at the Panda Pavilion, becoming Junior Conservationists for different animals, and participating in educational programs.



How to visit Chimelong Safari Park

Chimelong Safari Park is divided into two sections: a drive-through area and a walking area, each with its own separate entrance.

In the drive-through area, visitors can choose between two touring options: taking a small train or driving their own vehicle, both starting from the north gate and following the same route:

Small Train Tour: This 30-minute ride does not make any stops, allowing visitors to quickly observe animals from a distance.

Self-Driving: Visitors can either rent a taxi or charter a car to enter the park (refer to Guangzhou car rental services) or purchase tickets for self-driving (with a valid Chinese driver's license).

a) Operating hours for the self-driving area are from 9:30 to 16:30, with the last entry at 16:30.

b) Self-driving visitors must purchase a separate ticket for their vehicle, priced at 300 RMB on regular days and 350 RMB on holidays (prices are subject to change as per the park's regulations).

c) While self-driving, visitors are not allowed to stop or feed the animals along the route. The animals come very close to the vehicles, with some even passing in front or entering through car windows. However, there are barriers like rivers or wire fences separating potentially dangerous animals.

d) Self-driving visitors can stop as they please, with the tour typically lasting around 2-3 hours. It is recommended to bring a telephoto lens for clear photography despite the close proximity to the animals.

e) After completing the self-driving tour and returning to the north gate, visitors can directly access the walking area without the need to purchase another ticket.


In the Walking Area

Enter the park from the north gate and proceed from the entrance of Qinglong Mountain (青龙山) to Baihushan (白虎山). Then visit the Giraffe Square(长颈鹿广场), Koala Garden (考拉园), Elephant Gardenn (大象园), and Panda Pavilion (熊猫馆). After the Panda Pavilion, head to the Panda Paradise Cable Car Station.

Take the cable car for the "Full Park" route, which circles the entire park. After returning, visit the Flamingo, Chimpanzee(火烈鸟), and Cute Paradise areas (including the 4D cinema), followed by the Flower and Fruit Mountain (花果山) and Golden Monkey Kingdom. Return to the north gate by car or take the Swan Lake route back if you don't wish to see monkeys after the African Forest chimpanzees.

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