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Mount Huashan in Xian


Facts of Mount Huashan


Names: simplified Chinese: 华山; traditional Chinese: 華山; pinyin: Huà Shān

Highest point: the South Peak at 2154.9m



Mount Huashan is located 120 kilometers (about 75 miles) east from Xian city. As its all five peaks has breathtaking high cliffs, narrow passages and Taoist temples, Huashan is known as "The most precipitous mountain under heaven" and one of China's Five Sacred Taoist Mountains. The other four mountains are Mount Taishan in Shandong, Mount Hengshan in Shanxi, Mount Hengshan in Hunan and Mount Songshan in Henan.


Mount Huashan consists of five peaks with the highest point of 2154.5 meters at south peak. There were once lots of temples and other religious structures on the five peaks. Some temples remain in good condition. The Western Mountain Temple is the largest one with a history back to the Spring and Autumn period (770-221 BC). The Jade Spring Temple at the foot of the mountain was built 1000 years ago. Along with the Dong Tao temple and Qingke temple, there are still over 120 ancient architectures standing on the Huashan Mountain, and that brings great religious significance to the mountain.



Since the 1990s, Mout Huashan has been a popular destination in Xian. The number of visitors has greatly increased with the cable car installed. The majority is the youth on vacation, devoted pilgrims, and locals. It is also very attractive to the mountaineers as it is known as "the most dangerous hiking route in the world". Though the tracks leading to the separate five peaks paved with stones and built with railings, some of the most precipitous tracks are still dangerous to access. The former track from North Peak to South Peak is built on a cliff face. The East Peak is the best place to enjoy sunrise. Hostels are available there while many Chinese still like to climb at nighttime and reach the East Peak by dawn.



Travel tips for Mount Huashan


  1. Wear suitable shoes, the steps can be slippery especially in rainy days. Sunglasses, hat, some snacks, and water should also be in your pack.

  2. Some parts of the track are dangerous. Look over the map or ask your guide for details.

  3. Do throw the rubbish at appointed place. It takes great efforts to clean up on the cliffs.


Tour to Mount Huashan


For people just want to take in the spectacular view of the Hua Mountain, a day tour with cable car up and down is enough. While it needs one day to complete the hike from the North Peak to reach the other peaks. An overnight on the mountain is recommended for the hikers. View list of Xian Tours.


Watching the sunrise at Mount Huashan can be a breathtaking experience. The time of the sunrise at Mount Huashan will depend on the time of year you visit.

  1. February: Sunrise at 7:42-7:47; Sunset at 17:45-18:03

  2. April: Sunrise at 6:35-7:10; Sunset at 18:35-18:56

  3. June: Sunrise at 5:29-5:44; Sunset at 19:28-19:38

  4. August: Sunrise at 5:31-5:44; Sunset at 19:44-19:57

  5. October: Sunrise at 6:15-6:29; Sunset at 18:04-19:10

  6. December:  Sunrise at 6:03-7:24; Sunset at 17:35-18:47

Which season to come? The scenery of Mount Huashan is magical and ever-changing throughout the four seasons. The best time to visit Mount Huashan. Spring has so much rain and the mountain is foggy. Summer is cool and pleasant with high visibility. It is good time to watch sunrise, waterfalls, and sea of clouds. Autumn is a good season for climbing with moderate temperatures and a scene of red leaves, fir trees. Huashan is charming in winter season when covered with snow, but hiking can be dangerous.


Transport to the Mount Huashan

  • To keep budget as lower as possible, consider tourist bus and public buses departing from Xian Railway Station or Xi'an East Bus Station.

  • Taxi ride or private transfer is available from Xian city.

  • If traveling from Pingyao, Luoyang to Xian by train, you can disembark half way at Huashan Station.

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